Medi-C Plus
Vitamin C is required to manufacture healthy collagen, the glue that holds cells together, just like mortar is needed for bricks. Lysine, like steel rods in cement, makes collagen stronger. A lack of vitamin C and lysine results in poor collagen and weak arteries.

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Magnesium 200
Highly absorbable &
easily digested, 200 mg therapeutic dose
Healthy Heart
Supports healthy
cholesterol levels, includes 200 mg
CoQ10 daily
Reserva Pro
anti-aging defense
formula, includes 100mg of pure resveratrol
Adrenal Chill
Nerve soothing
L-Theanine and KSM-66
Magnesium Sleep
Designed to help you relax and improve your sleep patterns

Premium Natural Health Products

Feeling Better Together

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Now Serving Hot Soup & Hot Sandwiches To Go!
Soups and sandwiches made inhouse. Also available, sandwiches and vegan burritos from Sprout Therapy
Discover Botanica’s curated collection of finely-crafted herbs & superfoods. All Botanica products are rooted in herbal traditions, made of whole plant ingredients – never isolates or synthetics – and produced in small batches for the greatest purity and potency. 
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Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion is a one-a-day probiotic that helps to support intestinal and gastrointestinal health.

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Harmonic Arts
Combat stress and restore balance in the body with our adaptogenic powder blends. Radiance supports hormone and reproductive function. Resilience rejuvenates the adrenals and immune system. Try adding Harmonic Arts Elixirs to smoothies.
Strauss Cardiovascular System Support
Support your arteries, heart, and kidneys for ultimate cardiovascular care!
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AOR Natural Health Supplements
Cardio NoxCoenzyme 
Q10 supercharged with Nitric Oxide Promotes healthy blood pressure and oxygenation. Relieves stress on the heart. Maximum effectiveness at a lower dose 
Advanced Magnesium Complex
The most advanced magnesium supplement available. Contains four bioavailable forms of magnesium each with its own benefits. Enhances energy production, mood, and sleep. Supports muscle function bone health and heart health. Optimizes vitamin D status 
Mag K Taurine AOR04246 
Supports healthy blood pressure and regulates heart rhythm. Protects the heart from cellular damage. Maintains the activity of nerves and muscle 
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Rawsome Spreads & Cheesecakes
Delicious Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic, Raw Spreads & Cheesecakes
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Zazubean Chocolate Bars
a healthy treat for you and your Valentine!
Certified organic and fair-trade dark chocolate bars made with wholesome cacao
Inari Organic Nuts & Seeds
Inari products are grown and prepared using the latest technologies from the organic food industry. Leading natural health practitioners such as Dr. Vince Zicarelli PhD, MSc. RD ND advocate that Inari nuts and seeds are excellent plant-based sources of healthy fats, proteins, Vitamin E and essential minerals known to support heart health and overall nutritional wellness.
Buy Vitamins. Give Vitamins!
For every bottle of Vitamin D3 1000 IU 180’s purchased, NOW® will donate to Vitamin Angels® to provide a child or pregnant woman at-risk for malnutrition with life-changing vitamins and minerals!