February E-News

Credit: Kristina Necovska
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
The results are in! Our 2015 water quality report card is finished and available. Here are the cliff notes: our streams, especially those in more developed areas, continue to be polluted by run-off in all seasons. Road salt, nitrogen, and phosphorous are showing up in higher levels than they should. Everyone has an impact on our watershed. You can help ours by making smart choices in the products you use in and around your house. View the full report card here.
Water Quality Report Card

A What Happens if the bees disappear? It's quite simple - no bees, no food.
Article by GSWA Volunteer, Jim Northrop

As beekeepers are waking up their bees to go to work, they are finding more of them have died off.  Why?  Scientists are concluding that, as the bees help produce our food by pollinating flowers and buds of various kinds, they encounter toxic compounds in the plants on which they feed... read more.
Want to get involved? Join a Committee!
GSWA relies on various volunteer committees to help us fulfill our mission. Below are our different committees, if you're interested in joining one, please email Sally Rubin at SRubin@GreatSwamp.org, for more information!

Education and Outreach Committee: This enthusiastic group helps plan and carry out our programs and events.

Land Preservation and Advocacy Committee: An essential part of our operations, this committee evaluates potential properties for acquisition as open space and advocates on certain development proposals.

Land and Water Stewardship Committee: The heart of our organization, this group focuses on active stewardship of GSWA property and water quality testing.

Development Committee: This committee helps raise funds to continue and expand our work. Subcommittees work on specific events such as our annual house tour and annual gala.

Finance Committee: This group provides guidance on budget revenue and expense and expertise on investment asset allocation.
Welcome to the Swamp, Wade Kirby!

Wade's background is in show business where he spent fourteen years in New York City working as an actor, stage manager and producer. Then along came triplet boys at the end of 1998 requiring him and his wife Linda to flee the city and move to Morristown! Wade has since worked in development positions for the State Theatre of New Jersey, the Paper Mill Playhouse, Nederlander Presentations, the Morris Museum, and the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. He is a trustee of the Kirby Episcopal House and the Guilford Foundation, and is the current President of the Morristown Club. Before joining the GSWA staff in 2017, Wade served on the Advisory Council and subsequently the Board of Trustees for the organization. Wade enjoys seeing the wild fox, deer, and birds of prey so prevalent in this part of Morris County.

Full "Snow Moon" Hike, 2/11
Join GSWA as we hike moonlit trails and listen for nighttime creatures. The open canopy cover and bright moonlight provide the perfect backdrop to hear and spot owls. 

Guided Dog Walk, 2/25
Come explore the Passaic River Park with your furry friend! We'll see what we can sniff out in the woods.

How to Build a Rain Garden, 3/7
We will discuss everything from how to pick the right location for your rain garden, to how to create it, and what plants to include.

Taste of Nature Party, 3/29
Have you ever tried dandelion fritters? Join us for an earthy party where we will taste test different edible NJ flora and fauna.