February 2023 | Vol. 15 Issue 2
Staying Active in the Cooler Months
Don’t let your physical activity freeze this winter! With the cooler temperatures and less daylight, it can be difficult to stay motivated throughout the winter, but there are tons of ways to remain active. Here are some tips and tricks from SNAP-Ed Connection to keep you moving during these dark, chilly months!
  • Make everyday tasks more physical. Walk around during phone calls, put on some fun music and dance while you clean the house, and do some stretching exercises during television commercial breaks.
  •  Set specific activity times. Determine time slots throughout the week when the whole family is available and devote a few of these times to physical activity. Try doing something active after dinner or begin the weekend with a Saturday morning family workout.
  • Don't let the cold weather stop you! Bundle up and enjoy the chilly temperatures with a winter walk or hike or join a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids.
  • Set goals but start small. Measurable goals (distance, frequency, intensity, or time) will help you and your family become more physically active and allow you to celebrate your achievements along the way. At the end of each week or month, assess your progress. Start by introducing one goal, like extending your walk by 10 minutes, and add on as you see progress.
  • Stuck at home? Give these fun and interactive activities a try!
  • Practice some yoga
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course for the kids
  • Create a basement fitness circuit course by setting up several stations of different activities to rotate through in a short period of time (1-2 minutes)
  • Make an indoor relay game and try a “Who Can Do the Most” (jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, etc.) Challenge
Mix it up! Try some at-home exercises or an at-home fitness video using things you already have at home or with no equipment. Common household items, like chairs, canned goods, and water bottles, can be incorporated into any workout!
Need some additional ideas on how to keep moving? Check out SNAP-Ed Connection’s Physical Activity page for more resources!

 Fuel your physical activity with some of these protein-packed recipes!


Visit www.snapedny.org for more tips and resources to help you and your family save time, save money, and eat healthy!
Source: USDA SNAP-Ed Connection
Visit www.snapedny.org for more tips and resources to help you and your family save time, save money, and eat healthy!

Agriculture News
Grower Participation in Nutrition Incentive Programs Needed in Steuben County
Did you know that roughly $34,000 worth of Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Coupons do not get reimbursed in Steuben County and go back to NYS Agriculture and Markets? The New York Double Up Food Bucks program matches Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars $1 for $1 on local fresh fruits and vegetables. Did you know you can accept these forms of payment and make produce more accessible to people in need in Steuben?   
Both the FMNP and Double Up Food Bucks programs help increase healthy food access for families in many counties throughout New York. Vulnerable segments of Steuben County population, primarily senior citizens and low-income families, would benefit greatly from these programs. However, Double Up Food Bucks is not being utilized and FMNP has a very limited number of growers and farm stands that are enrolled and accept these forms of payment. Please consider working with Cornell Cooperative Extension Steuben County to keep these funds and programs within our county to support seniors and families in need.  
To accept FMNP coupons, each farmer or farm stand representative will fill out three forms, take a 45-minute training and send in the forms and proof of forms to New York State Agriculture and Markets. Once you are permitted by NYS to accept coupons, you must send the coupons back to NYS Agriculture and Markets by the given deadline, typically December 15th, to be reimbursed. CCE Steuben is here to help make it easier to accept these coupons and will assist you if you have difficulty with the paperwork. Double up Food Bucks is an easy process involving limited paperwork. Please contact Josh McGuire with New York Field and Fork Network directly:
Joshua McGuire, DUFB Program Director Field & Fork Network
487 Main Street, Suite 200 Buffalo, NY 14203
If you are interested in accepting Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Coupons and need assistance with the FMNP paperwork, please contact CCE Steuben Directly. Our information is as follows:
Cornell Cooperative Extension Steuben County
20 East Morris Street in Bath, NY 14810
Check out this article on a new tomato breed to naturally resist pests and curb disease.
Exploring the Small Farm Dream
Thursdays, February 2nd-23rd
If you are considering launching a small farm enterprise, but are not sure where to start, this 4-session series will give you the tools to start making choices to determine if farming is right for you. 
The Exploring the Small Farm Dream course (designed by the New England Small Farm Institute and taught by trained facilitators) is designed to help you, and your partner, decide whether starting a farm business is right for you. This ten-hour (four evening sessions) virtual course includes exploratory discussion, curated research tools, and self-assessment activities provided by the instructors as well as a workbook for hands-on application both during class and at home. Each week we will hear from subject matter experts and community partners, as well as existing farmers. By the end of the series, you will create an action plan that works
best for you and will have the tools and contacts to help you get started. 
SCHEDULE: Participants are expected to attend all four sessions since the program builds upon the knowledge of the previous session. 
  • Thursday February 2nd, 6:30-9pm: Session I: Self-Assessment and Researching the Farming Landscape
  • Thursday February 9th, 6:30-9pm: Session II: Assessing Resources and Risks
  • Thursday February 16th, 6:30-9pm: Session III: Marketing and Market Channel Evaluation
  • Thursday February 23rd, 6:30-9pm: Session IV: Next Steps  
  • Anyone interested in starting a small farm business
  • Hobby and lifestyle farmers that are considering developing their farm into a business
  •  Recently retired individuals or individuals who will retire soon who think they may want to start a small farm business
  •  Immigrants with agricultural experience who wish to start farming in the US
  •    Recent high school or college graduates who are considering a career in agriculture
  • Individuals who are inheriting or taking over a farm from a family member
  • Those who are considering an on-farm market, farmer's market vendors, farm stands, livestock and poultry growers, and specialty products – such as mushrooms or maple syrup, are all agricultural businesses that started somewhere. 
  • Learn how new and beginning farmers can access agricultural resources
  •  Learn about opportunities to connect with local farm business owners, agricultural professionals, and others interested in new farm enterprises
  • Learn how to manage a small business
  •  Learn how to assess and manage risks
  •  Learn how to assess and identify available and necessary resources for your farm business
  •   Learn how to engage your family and resource partners in decision-making related to your enterprise choices
  •  Learn how to evaluate various farm enterprise choices
  •  Learn how to create an action plan to move your farm dream towards reality
  •  Fee: $75 per family, includes a workbook valued at $25/extra workbooks can be purchased for $25. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. 
For more information call (607) 584-5007 or e-mail lw257@cornell.edu. Thanks to American Farmland Trust – NY’s support through the Farmland for a New Generation Initiative in supporting this program. For more information on this program check out www.nyfarmlandfinder.org.
Votypka Sponsored Training
Cornell Small Farms Interviews a small veteran owned farm in Steuben County.
Check out the interview with one of the owners Allison.

Lots of Upcoming Events!
Free for NYS Veterans
FarmOps: Setting Your Farm Financial Resolutions

Join Katelyn Walley-Stoll and Cornell Small Farms Program’s FarmOps, for this two-part, virtual webinar to talk about resetting your farm’s financial goals to include improved recordkeeping, benchmarking, and monitoring your progress.

Register now to receive a fillable record keeping plan and quarterly farm financial check list.

Scheduled for January 24th and 26th from 6pm – 7:30pm via Zoom.

Dairy Technology Tuesdays Webinar Series Underway - Register Now!

Are you a farmer thinking about incorporating rumination collars, automatic milking systems, automatic calf feeders, or other new technology? Or do you already use innovative technology on your farm but want to take more out of it? This webinar series is for you!

Register now for this seven-part webinar series that will offer cutting-edge information about dairy technology from industry experts. 
WNY Forage and Pasture Management Workshop
Saturday Feb. 25, 9-3:30pm in Yorkshire

Registration is now open for this in-person workshop, which features classes on a variety of topics centered around stored forage and pasture management. 

Register by visiting

As Egg Prices Skyrocket in the Store, Find a Locally Raised Source
Shocked by egg prices? Read more about factors contributing to this increase HERE and HERE.

Use this as an opportunity to connect with a farm near you and start buying locally sourced eggs!

If you are a small farm interested in increasing your winter month egg production, read this article by Amy Barkley, Livestock Specialist with the Cornell Southwest Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Regional Program.

Useful Links
4-H Poultry Workshops
For youth 8 and up!

Registration Due:
  • February 10th @ noon
  • March 17th @ noon
  • April 14th @ noon
Event Date:
  • January 15th - Housing & Breed Selection
  • February 12th Nutrition & Feeding
  • March 19th - Market Poultry
  • April 16th - Egg Hatching & Chick Raising

Location: CCE Steuben - 20 East Morris St, Bath, NY
4-H Poultry Classes for youth interested in learning more about raising poultry and/or are interested in competing at the NYS Fair 4-H Poultry Knowledge Contest(s). We have separate times for different knowledge levels. The first hour (2-3pm) each date is for our beginner who are just starting, or in their first or second year of raising poultry. The second hour (3:30 - 4:30pm) is for our intermediate and advanced youth who have a good grasp on the basics of raising poultry but want to learn more in-depth information and potentially compete at the New York State 4-H Poultry Knowledge Contest and National Contest in Louisville, Kentucky!
February 12th Nutrition and Feeding 2pm - 3pm beginners; 3:30pm – 4:30pm intermediate/advanced.
March 19th - Market Poultry 2pm - 3pm beginners; 3:30pm – 4:30pm intermediate/advanced.
April 16th - Egg Hatching & Chick Raising 2pm - 3pm beginners; 3:30pm – 4:30pm intermediate/advanced.
4-H Dog Obedience Classes

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County’s 4-H Program offers dog obedience classes for youth!

  1. Fill out form completely 4-H Dog Policy
  2. A copy of the CURRENT Rabies Vaccination Certificate
*Per NYS 4-H Dog Policy “Dogs that exhibit aggressive, and/or unsocial, and/or problem behavior, that cannot be controlled by their handler, are a serious safety issue. Leaders and Superintendents have the immediate authority to excuse or place restrictions on such dog’s participation in 4-H activities…”*

Classes: Tuesday Nights 5pm -6pm @ the Howard Community Building

Contact Michelle mlc353@cornell.edu with any questions or to register!

Guernsey Calf Scholarship Opportunity

The Calf Scholarship Award Program is sponsored by the New York State Guernsey Breeders Association for the purpose of encouraging those who do not presently own Guernseys to become involved with the Guernsey Breed. A purebred Guernsey Calf will be awarded to the applicant who shows interest in the Guernsey breed and who has demonstrated the capabilities of developing the animal to its fullest potential. Applicant must be age 9-15 as of January 1st of application year. You do not have to belong to 4-H, FFA, or a breed club to participate.

Award will be presented to the winner at the New York State Guernsey Breeders’ Annual Meeting in April.
Attention all youth that will be selling at the 2023 Sale!
A YQCA certificate will be REQUIRED to sell an animal at the sale.
If you attend an in-person training the $3 fee will be reimbursed the day of the training. The Certificate will be due to the CCE office July 17th ,2023
Financial & Consumer Education News
America Saves Week
America Saves is a national campaign to persuade, encourage and motivate Americans to take financial action in building wealth through saving money and reducing debt.

CCE Steuben along with Steuben County are partnering with America Saves Week campaign to help our communities take steps in building wealth while decreasing debt.

Join us from February 27-March 3 by following us at putknowledgetowork.org.

Take the pledge today and commit to reaching your savings and debt reduction goals at https://americasaves.org/for-savers/pledge/

H&H Financial Class on Retirement & Financial Health

Date: February 27, 2023
Time: 5:15-6:30pm
Place: Corning Library

More information to come.
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