February 2016
2015 Year-end Review for Police & Fire
Throughout 2015, the Amberley Village Police Department continued to provide comprehensive community policing to its residents, a valued cornerstone service in the Village. Through the continued use of the latest technology, strategic resource allocation, and professionalism the community continues to experience a low crime rate and excellent response times for public safety services. The Department is pleased to share its major accomplishments for 2015.

The Department acquired, through a state grant, license plate readers which were installed in every cruiser. This updated camera technology equips officers patrolling the Village roadways with the ability to "read" each passing plate and alerts the officer when a wanted suspect's license plate is detected.

A two-year project to update the technology of the cruiser cameras was also completed. The cruiser cameras have been equipped with viewing capability to include external areas of the cruisers and the prisoner compartment.

In 2015, the Department sought and was approved to receive $171,000 in grant funding to replace its outdated Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for its fire fighters.

The number of arrests for 2015 increased for a total of 354 - a 14% increase over 2014. The Department is pleased to report that home break-ins have decreased over the past year which underscores the importance of maintaining new technology and equipment resources, staffing levels, and community oriented policing in the Village.

During 2015, one of the focus areas was pedestrian safety. The Department strategically deployed speed monitoring devices throughout the Village to identify areas to increase pedestrian safety. Temporary speed humps were also installed in targeted areas to slow motorists.

The Department's continued partnership with its residents and counterparts in 2015 was recognized by the Jewish Community Center (JCC) as the department was selected to be the recipient of the Exceptional Community Partnership Award.
In 2016, the Department will continue to focus on crime prevention, strategic policing, and community engagement to achieve the overall priority to protect lives and property.

Detective Jeff Norton Retires
Detective Jeff Norton retired from his position on January 8 after 25 years of service to the Village and 33 total years of public service. Jeff began working for the Village in 1990 in the Police-Fire Department serving the dual role of Police Officer/Fire Fighter. He has spent the majority of his career performing the role of Detective for the department. 
Jeff has received numerous accolades throughout Hamilton County for his detective acumen. Jeff has investigated all types of crimes and all of his cases were welcomed by the prosecutor due to his precise and thorough case preparation.

Jeff has a wealth of institutional knowledge of the Village and a willingness to serve which will certainly be missed. The Village congratulates Jeff on his accomplishments and wishes him all the best in retirement. 
Upcoming Developments in 2016

The Amberley Village Police and Fire Department is pleased to announce that during 2016 the Village's first ever K-9 Unit will join the road patrol made possible through a grant from the Matt Haverkamp Foundation. Chief Wallace readily welcomed the capabilities and special skill set that a canine brings to law enforcement. Police canines are specifically trained to detect harmful and illegal substances in vehicles and buildings that go unnoticed to the human senses. Assisting officers when tracking and detaining suspects through K-9 deployment can quickly de-escalate a situation and provide a safer outcome. Additional details will be shared with the community to introduce the new K-9 upon arrival which is anticipated in the spring.

The Department will also replace all Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for its fire fighters during 2016. The SCBAs are a critical piece of equipment for fire fighters. The outdated units were in dire need of replacement. As reported in the 2015 year-end review, a total of $171,000 in grant funding was sought and received to minimize the financial impact on the Village.
Vacant Maintenance-Fire Position Filled
Maintenance/Fire Fighter Mack Ogletree joined the Maintenance Department on January 12.  Ogletree was previously with the Village of Lockland's Maintenance Department.  

He will serve the dual role of performing fire fighting duties for the Village and is scheduled to attend the Fire Academy in late February to receive state certification as a fire fighter.  

The Maintenance Department is pleased to introduce its newest hire to the community.
Response in Advance of Winter Storms
The Village's Maintenance Department has multiple tools to combat the winter weather to keep roadways clear and passable for our residents. The department utilizes rock salt, salt brine and beet juice in its snow fighting toolbox.

With the rising prices and unpredictable availability, at times, of rock salt along with the desire for environmentally friendly solutions, the department continues its focus on utilizing more liquid treatments. Although liquids are not the complete answer, they are a valuable tool to fight winter weather.

The Maintenance Department utilizes its brine maker to mix rock salt and water to form a 23.3% salt brine mixture. The department uses the salt brine solution to pre-treat the roadway (the white lines you see on the road) prior to winter storms and pre-wets the rock salt as it is applied to the roadway. Both methods save salt and lower the cost to fight the winter storms.
  • Pre-treating the roadways before the storm helps to prevent the snow and ice from bonding to the roadway, thus less salt is needed to clear the snow and ice. The department utilizes a 1,300 gallon brine tank that fits in the back of an existing dump truck to spray the brine mixture on the roads and a 300 gallon brine tank for pre-treatment of municipal grounds. Pre-treating the roads prior to the storm during regular working hours also saves overtime costs.
  • Pre-wetting the rock salt as it is applied to the roadway starts the process of dissolving the rock salt to create salt brine. The brine is what melts the snow and ice not the salt granules. This process also helps to prevent the bounce of the salt as it hits the road, keeping more of the salt in the lane of travel where it will be the most effective. 
As the weather begins to get colder, the department mixes beet juice into the brine mixture to form an 85% salt brine/15% beet juice solution. By mixing the beet juice into the brine it lowers the freeze point making the mixture more effective at colder temperatures.
  • Rock salt alone begins to be ineffective at about 17 degrees.
  • Adding the brine mixture, the effectiveness is lowered to about 5 degrees.
  • Adding the brine/beet juice mixture, the effectiveness is lowered to around -5 degrees.
The department is always looking for the most efficient and cost-effective ways to combat the winter weather and this winter season the department will be experimenting with a new product called Ice B-gone. This product is the by-product of making vodka.
Update Your Emergency Information & Numbers
Current information is critical during an emergency. The Amberley Village Police and Fire Department maintains emergency contact information for each resident. It is important that telephone numbers, names of persons living in the household and emergency contacts are all up-to-date. Knowing the right person can be reached during an emergency is vital when seconds count. In the event of an emergency or unexpected event, the Village uses the Community Safe call system to alert residents and provide important information. You can submit as many phone numbers as you wish to this system (i.e. cell numbers for several family members).

Additionally, if your residence is utilizing a burglar or fire alarm system, it must be registered as required by Village Ordinance 91.05. Please contact the department to complete an alarm permit and arrange to submit a current key for the residence to the Police and Fire Department where it will be properly secured.

The Amberley Village Police and Fire Department asks you to update your numbers and information if anything has changed by calling 531-2040 or email pearls@amberleyvillage.org.
Pay Tickets Online

You can now pay your Amberley Village Mayor's Court traffic tickets online. Effective January 25th, if you receive a traffic ticket that is not a mandatory court appearance, you may now pay your fine online at www.ohioticketpayments.com. You may still pay the ticket in person at the police department. A processing fee applies to all credit card transactions. Questions about this service may be directed to the Police and Fire Department at 531-2040.
Environmental Stewardship Committee 
Upcoming Events

The Amberley Village Environmental Stewardship Committee presents  Curbside Recycling on February 18 at 7 p.m. to answer your questions about what to put in your bin! No registration or fee required. The presentation will be held in the Community Room, entrance located in the rear of the Municipal Building at 7149 Ridge Road. See  flyer  for additional details on this presentation as well as upcoming events!

The 4th Annual  One Stop Drop Recycling Event will be held on Sunday, April 10 at the Amberley Green, 7801 Ridge Road from 12-4 p.m.  Check this  flyer for a list of acceptable items this year!
Healthy Homes Series:  Keep it Contaminant Free

This month's Healthy Home Series topic is Keep It Contaminant Free.

Environmental hazards in the home harm millions each year. Maintaining a healthy home and living environment is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and the welfare of your family.

Secondhand smoke in any amount is harmful for those exposed to it. Second hand smoke also triggers asthma, a serious lung disease from which about 20 million Americans suffer. Find out how to quit smoking. https://www.quitnow.net/oregon/
Another trigger of asthma is smoke from fireplaces. Learn more about preventing asthma triggers. https://multco.us/health/diseases-and-conditions/asthma

Lead Poisoning
Can occur when children or adults ingest dust that contains lead. This often happens in older homes that have lead-based paint. Read more about preventing exposure to lead.

Carbon Monoxide
Can be a fatal contaminant in your home if you are not aware of its presence. This odorless, colorless gas is not easy to detect, so it's best to learn about its sources so that you can keep it out of your home. Find out more about keeping carbon monoxide out of your home. http://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/carbon-monoxides-impact-indoor-air-quality

Another colorless gas that you may encounter in your home is formaldehyde. In high concentrations, this pungent-smelling gas can trigger asthma attacks. Formaldehyde also causes eye, nose and throat irritation, as well as skin rash, wheezing and coughing. Find out more about where you might find formaldehyde in your home. http://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/formaldehydes-impact-indoor-air-quality

Radon is another colorless gas that is radioactive, cancer-causing, tasteless, and odorless. When you breathe air that is contaminated by radon, you are at a high risk for getting lung cancer, especially if you also smoke. Learn about testing your home for radon. http://www.epa.gov/radon

Cleaning Products
Commercial cleaning products often contain irritants that can trigger an asthma episode. Using green cleaning products or cleaners made from common household ingredients such as baking soda, liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide, is another way of keeping your home, your children and the environment safe from harm.  http://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/healthy-home/green-cleaning

Adapted from: https://multco.us/health/staying-healthy/keeping-your-home-healthy
2016 Tax Calendar

Quarterly estimate due dates have changed along with the return due date for 2016.  

2015 tax returns or extensions are due April 18, 2016.

Quarterly Estimate Due Dates for 2016:

1st Quarter - April 15, 2016 2nd Quarter - June 16, 2016
3rd Quarter - September 15, 2016 4th Quarter - December 15, 2016

2015 extended tax returns are due October 15, 2016.

Tax questions may be directed to Patty Meiers at 531-0130 or email taxoffice@amberleyvillage.org.  Documentation may be faxed to 531-8154.