February 2017
Save the Date - One Stop Drop Recycling 
The 5th Annual One Stop Drop Recycling event will be held on Sunday, April 2 at the Amberley Green, 7801 Ridge Road from 12-4 p.m.  Paper shredding will be available and electronics will be collected. Additional details coming soon.
Tree City USA and Growth Award Recipient

Amberley Village is proud to announce having been named a Tree City USA for the 13 th year in a row! The Tree City USA program, administered through the Arbor Day Foundation, is a nationwide movement in place since 1976 which helps communities manage and expand their urban forests.  The Amberley Village Environmental Stewardship Committee, in conjunction with Village staff, work year round to ensure not only the flourishing of our urban forests and streetscapes but also the successful involvement of the Village in the Tree City USA program.
In addition to being named a Tree City USA, Amberley Village also received the Tree City USA Growth Award for 2016!  This is the Village's 6th time achieving the Growth Award status since our inception with the program.  The Growth Award is awarded to those designated Tree City USA communities deemed to have higher levels of tree care.
For more information on Tree City USA  visit arborday.org .
Are Your Trees in Trouble?

WHEN: February 19, 2017 at 2 p.m.
WHERE: Amberley Village Community Room
            7149 Ridge Road, rear entrance

First a screening of the locally produced 27 minute video Trees in Trouble that is designed for audiences of all ages.  This locally produced video tells the story of America's urban and community forests: their history, their growing importance to our health, economy and environment, and the serious threats they now face.

Then Wendi Van Buren, our regional ODNR Urban Forester, will join us to discuss our local threats and what we can do, as well as to answer your questions.
Community Garden Plots Still Available!

For $50 a growing season (April through November) you will get:
  • A 9' x 15' garden plot to plant as you desire (some restrictions apply)
  • Access to a garden cart, water and shed
  • Friendly gardeners with whom to share your expertise (or learn from if you have no experience)
  • Access to the Amberley Garden education

If you are interested, please email AmberleyGarden@Gmail.com and request the Amberley Green Garden Welcome Packet.

Aracoma Drive Water Main Replacement

The water main pipe replacement on Aracoma Drive has been completed.  This Greater Cincinnati Water Works project replaced the existing 6" water main with a new 8" pipe including the installation of fire hydrants.  The next phase of the project is expected to begin within two weeks.  At that time, connections from the new water main to homes will take place as well as restoration.  Residents will be contacted by Greater Cincinnati Water Works for any expected interruptions in water service. 

By collaborating with Cincinnati Water Works on projects, the Village was able to avoid the installation cost of 13 fire hydrants and will share costs with the City for repaving the streets in the project area.   New pavement of the following streets will occur with the 2017 road program this summer:  Aracoma Drive, East Aracoma, West Aracoma and Aracoma Forest.  Working together strategically with Greater Cincinnati Water Works to coordinate the timing of both the hydrant replacements and new pavement saves significant tax dollars for the Village.
Brush Collection

The Village's dense tree population makes brush collection a highly valued service for Village residents to be able to dispose of high volumes of brush from their properties as a curbside service. The Village has the typical availability of one brush crew that generally can provide weekly brush pick-up for residents. 
Placing brush at the curb in a manner that follows the brush pick-up guidelines will help ensure that your brush can be safely chipped and does not get left at the curb.  Certain guidelines are in place to expedite the collection process, prevent damage to the chipping machine and keep employees from injury. 

Guidelines for Setting Brush at the Curb
  • The length of the limbs you set out for removal should be as long as possible.  Cut them down only to the size required for you to move them. We would much rather have one 30 foot long limb to chip than ten 3-foot limbs.
  • Do not stack or pile limbs. Lay them at the curb with the thick end pointing toward the street, side by side.   Limbs may be up to, but not exceeding, 10 inches in diameter to fit into the opening of the chipping machine.
  • Vines and limbs with thorns should be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled and tied with string (no wire).

  • Different types of materials are to be set out in separate areas (i.e., limbs in one area, vines, thorns, and logs in another).   Our crews do not have the time to untangle big piles of various types of material at each residence.   Please use your entire road frontage to set the brush out if necessary, and form a second row if required. 

  • Materials such as rocks, bricks, pipes, wire, fencing material, lumber, etc., are to be disposed of with your regular trash according to Rumpke's regulations. 
  • Small sticks (smaller than a broom stick), twigs, leaves, and other small debris such as this may be bagged or placed in cans for Rumpke, following their yard waste removal regulations.   The Village brush crew will not pick up this type of material.
Winter Yard Work

Winter is a good time to inspect your landscape and make plans for the coming spring.

A tree without leaves provides a better view of rubbing branches, splits in the trunk and branches due to storms, and decayed areas. If a decayed area is noticed in a tree, contact a certified Arborist to inspect the tree to be sure it is safe. This is a good time to correct these problems before they grow into larger problems.

In winter a damaged area will seep sap and you will notice a wet area on the bark.  In freezing weather, an icicle may hang from the split. If the split occurs in the branch, often the branch can be removed, but if the split occurs on the trunk then the trunk may need to be pinned.

Winter is a good time to evaluate the view out of your favorite window. Take notice now of what improvements you can make to enhance the "winter look." In spring you may want to plant evergreens or trees with fruit that will add to your winter view.
Coyote Mating Season

As coyote mating season gets underway, residents are reminded to take simple and practical steps to discourage the presence of coyotes near homes.  Odds are you'll never see a coyote; however, male coyotes can become more aggressive during the months of late February through March which makes it important to keep small pets from looking like prey while outdoors. 
Keep yourself and your pets safe by following these guidelines:
  • Never feed coyotes. Refrain from feeding wild animals as it could potentially lure a coyote into neighborhoods.
  • Keep unattended cats and small dogs indoors, especially at night.  A fenced backyard does not keep coyotes out.
  • Accompany your leashed pet outside. Make sure you turn on lights if it is dark to check your back yard for unexpected wildlife.
  • Keep dogs on short leashes while walking outside. A leash no longer than 6 feet is recommended.
  • Noisemakers such as whistles and horns can help scare away coyotes that may enter your yard; have one handy.
  • Do not allow a coyote to get in between you and your pet.
  • Yell, clap hands, blow a whistle and try to make yourself look larger if you have a close encounter with a coyote.
To learn more about coyote behavior and habitat, visit wildlife.ohiodnr.gov
Preparing for Tax Season

When you're ready to file your taxes, the Village makes it easy to access the forms you need and offers a free, online tax filing and payment option for residents at www.amberleyvillage.org.
The secure system walks you through the Amberley income tax form, provides information about tax payments made during the year, and automatically calculates the tax liability or refund. For added security, each taxpayer assigns a PIN to access the online tax preparation tool. Print the completed form, attach your 1040, W2's and any applicable federal schedules, and mail or bring it to the Tax Office.

The Village will hold extended office hours in April which will be announced soon in addition to the regular hours of 8 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call ahead for availability to reduce unnecessary wait times. The Tax Office is also available for assistance by phone at 531-0130 or via email at taxoffice@amberleyvillage.org.

The 2016 tax return and the first quarter 2017 estimated tax payments are due April 18, 2017. The other quarterly estimated payments are due June 15, September 15 and December 15. Tax returns and payments may be dropped off or mailed to the Amberley Village Municipal Building, 7149 Ridge Road.
Board of Elections Relocates

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has moved its offices from downtown Cincinnati to 4700 Smith Road to provide greater access to the residents of Hamilton County.  

Improvements for citizens include a 24-hour secure drop box drive-thru and ample parking space availability. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Voting questions?  Visit www.boe.hamilton-co.org or call 632-7000.
Permits First
Thinking now about plans for a new shed, fence or home addition this spring?  Permits are required for most home improvement projects on your property. 

Prior to the start of construction, stop by the Amberley Village Administration office to find how to apply for a free zoning permit, or get started online at www.amberleyvillage.org and click on Forms and Documents to review the zoning approval permit guidelines.      
Website Feedback Survey
Amberley Village is updating the functionality of its website to be more compatible with the array of mobile devices to help ensure a user-focused experience.  Residents are the primary audience interacting with the information and tools on the Village website, so we'd like to hear from you!

Through this brief survey please tell us what's working well and what can be improved through the sharing of information and tools on the Village website.  We appreciate your time in helping us learn more about how we can best serve you.

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