February 2015
Although I had virtually no interest in watching sports as a child, I grew to love them when I realized what a strong metaphor they are for life. Nearly all facets of the human condition play out on the world's courts, fields, and rinks.

The lessons that I have learned by watching others have impacted my own life. For example, the New England Patriots' improbable goal line stand against the Colts in 2003 inspired me to stand up against the intimidation I felt in my chemistry courses, to hit the books harder, and eventually earn an academic scholarship for my performance in organic chemistry, all of which paved the way for me to become a better dietitian.

Joanne and I were very excited to watch our Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl. This month's e-newsletter focuses on some of the nutrition-related lessons we were reminded of during their run to the championship.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

Should You Eat Like Tom Brady?


In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, a Boston television station aired a piece detailing Tom Brady's eating regimen. Should you eat like the four-time Super Bowl champion? Read More  

He Said, She Said: "Do Your Job"


The New England Patriots won the championship behind their head coach's "Do Your Job" order. How does this directive apply to health care, and what does it mean for both practitioners and patients?
He Said


Nobody is an expert in every single facet of health care; consequently, all providers have limits to their scopes of practice. One of the traits that separates the best practitioners from their peers is recognizing where their boundaries lie and taking care not to step over them. Read More  

She Said


You know the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it takes a village to help a patient recover from an eating disorder. Read More 
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Spicy Veggie Platter Soup with Chicken

Recipe is courtesy of Lovin' the Oven LLC.


This recipe is the perfect healthy post-party meal. You can use all of the leftover vegetables from the veggie platter someone brought along with some leftover chicken! You could add rice to this soup, skip the chicken and easily substitute other vegetables.  


Read More
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