February 2021 Newsletter
NOAS is celebrating again
Alex is a 17-year-old who has had a long journey in the foster care system, but we are thrilled to say he was adopted on February 8th. He definitely had some happy tears. Teen adoptions are the best. Congratulations to Alex and his forever family.
OhioKAN Upcoming Event for Kinship & Adoption Families
The last Thursday of every month, we host an informational Q&A session for any kinship or adoption family statewide who is looking to learn more about OhioKAN. Read below for all the details and to register for the Q&A Session on February 25th from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.
OhioKAN Kinship & Adoption Navigator

Please join us for this informational Q&A session about the new OhioKAN program. This session is for any kinship family (formal or informal), post-adoptive family, caregivers, or professionals wanting to learn more about how everyone can benefit...

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Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention | Info on...

Teen Dating Violence Month Together we can put a stop to teen dating violence Find out more Teen Dating Violence and Criminal Consequences Teenagers are diving... Teen Dating Violence and Criminal Consequences Teenagers are diving... What is Teen ...

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Mrs. DeFrances is Vice President, Private Banking Senior Relationship Manager for Farmers National Bank. She has twenty-five years of private banking experience in relationship management. In addition to her professional work, Sharon maintains an active role in the community. She has been active with fundraising events for nonprofits and service organizations. In addition to NOAS, she also serves as the Board Chair for a local Private Foundation, “The Glenn and Jean Harnett Foundation,” which was established to promote the care and support of animals in Mercer and Trumbull County.
The pandemic has changed how many things function, but the need for foster care homes has not diminished. NOAS provides short term fostering, long term fostering, and fostering to potentially adopt a child.

Short Term Fostering: This type of fostering is intended for a relatively short period of time, including anything from one overnight stay to several months. A child will remain in the short term fostering placement until they can return home to their biological family or are placed into a longer-term fostering arrangement.

Long Term Fostering: Often, a child will not be able to return to his or her birth family for a number of years, and therefore will need a safe and supportive fostering placement on a longer-term basis.

Fostering to Potentially Adopt: These placements involve foster parents who are willing and able to adopt the foster child placed with them, should that child become legally available for adoption. In the cases where parental rights are terminated, these foster-to-adopt placements provide the most stability for a child.

Do you feel ready to take the next step towards becoming a foster and/or adoptive parent? Make sure that you register for our upcoming Virtual Online Pre-Placement Class Series starting March 10, 2021. Call 800-686-6627 ext. 126 to register.

Thank you to the Girard Knights of Columbus Council Men, the Ladies Auxiliary and the generous community who donated and prepared all these wonderful Valentine’s Day bags for Ohio’s foster youth. We are so blessed and cannot wait to give them out for Valentine’s Day. We are going to have some happy kiddos.
More than 2,000 Ohio Former Foster Youth have been served by the Bridges Program.

The Bridges program allows young people who age out of foster care to request housing or other supportive services at any time between their 18th and 21st birthdays, as long as they are in school, working, participating in an employment program, or have a medical condition that prevents them from going to school or working.

Samonte is a funny young man who loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. Samonte says if he could change the world he would stop violence.