International CVS Awareness Day
March 5

International CVS Awareness Day is just around the corner, be sure to follow CVSA on social media so that you can see what CVSA, and other CVS sufferers and supporters are doing to raise awareness. Don't forget to share, on CVSA’s social media pages, how you are helping to spread the word about CVS, in your post, it could be shared by CVSA!

International CVS Awareness Day tees and sweatshirts are available for a limited time. Purchasing shows that you supports CVSA and it's mission to spread awareness to both those in the medical community and our everyday lives. The definition of CVS that appears on the back** of each item is something that will catch some attention, and possibly even help start a conversation about CVS.

Some ideas for things that have been done in the past are:

  • Wear blue or a one of a kind CVS International Awareness Day tee or sweatshirt.
  • Share your story about CVS on social media
  • Create a Facebook fundraiser and use it to share your journey with CVS.
  • Tag and mention CVSA in your posts
  • Like and Share CVSA's posts with your family and friends
  • Host a get together
Don't forget to share your photos or your story of how you helped raise awareness of CVS, with the office, so that we can feature you in a future newsletter or social media post. Email