Look no more! Here are a few ideas that would make your
someone special
smile this Valentine's day.

Couples Thai Massage Workshop
Saturday 11th from 1-3:30
with Katherine, $50 a couple
Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing, all without your doing a thing. Ah, this is the bliss of a Thai yoga massage.
Customized Couples Table Massage
$150 a couple.
Includes hot stones, Chinese cups and aromatherapy. Please Call to schedule.
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Monday nights 6-7:15pm
Introductory Yoga Classes
$30 for 3 classes, first time offer 
Yoga Couture 
Start a new habit that is positive, affordable and will keep you and your partner in great shape. $45 for up to 3 people.

Sound Healing Immersions  with  Sean Levahn
Imagine going on an immersive journey of self healing...Using Sound Harmonics I weave together the Planetary and other gongs, Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, ocean drums, rain-sticks, and other instruments as we travel deep inside our own being and come HOME to ourselves once again.

Saturday March 4th  
4-5:30pm &  6-7:30pm
Sunday March 5th 11-12:30
Registration Required 
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Meditation Cultivation: Developing a personal practice with Stephen Winters
Saturday March 11th 1-3pm 

There are a variety of ways to access a meditative state, but those who have tried know the path can be elusive. Cultivating an atmosphere conducive to meditating can greatly improve the effectiveness of your practice. Certain smells, special lighting, specific imagery, sounds and especially how we position the body can all help bring us into a state of greater physical comfort. With fewer physical distractions, we can focus inward on the mind. Using techniques to quiet the mind, we can then begin to understand what it means to meditate. Join Stephen as he shares a variety of modalities and techniques useful for meditating. The true reward is within the practice, and this workshop is a great way to cultivate a practice that serves your unique path.

Prana-What? Yama-Who? Pranayama Workshop for all levels.
with Stephen Winters
Saturday March 25th 1-3pm 

Its fun to say but hard to describe, Pranayama can be a HUGE game changer. Obviously anyone reading this knows the basics of breathing, but how often do we give focused attention to our breath? Yogi’s have developed a series of practices exercising control of the breath to improve energy levels, focus the mind, restore health and vitality… and overall they make you feel AMAAAAZIIIING!!!!! Get a detailed breakdown of the mechanics of the breath, learn exercises you can do at home/school/work/ to control your energy levels, leave with deeper connection to this most sacred act of life giving energy. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but mere minutes without our breath… join Stephen and show your breath that you care.

Samsara Wellness Center
5301 Office Park Drive Suite 420