Executive Chat

Featuring George Tinsley, President & CEO of Tinsley Family Companies

by Rebecca Patt, Senior Vice President of Development, Wray Executive Search

You have been turning obstacles into opportunities throughout your personal and professional life. How would you tell your success story in just a few paragraphs? 

I have lived and learned the principle that we should not be judged by where we start in life but rather how we live and where we finish. I started life from a challenging position of poverty and abandonment. Due to love and nurturing from my adopted family, caring people, and the grace of God, my life journey has propelled me to lofty heights of success and accomplishment.

I climbed the ladder of success first as a student, then as an athlete, becoming a three-time NCAA Division II college basketball champion and graduating college with the distinguished Oak & Ivy award for leadership. After graduation, the Oakland Oaks drafted me into the American Basketball Association, and I played professional basketball for three years. During this time, I got married and a few years later became a father. After my basketball career ended, I enjoyed a successful teaching, coaching, and corporate career.