February 3, 2023

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Cocoa High School Health and Wellness Academy

Ocean Breeze Elementary Science Fair

Superintendent Survey

Gabriela Bernard from DeLaura Middle

Cocoa High School Health and Wellness Academy

February is CTE month (Career and Technical Education)!

Therefore, Brevard Public Schools is highlighting Cocoa High School's Health and Wellness Academy, taught by Amanda Mannes.

Each month local doctors and students from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine visit Cocoa High School’s Health and Wellness Academy. These visits are to mentor students and discuss all aspects of the health industry to prepare them for the career they are pursuing. The medical students plan for each meeting to have a hands-on component.

Students participate in various healthcare activities such as: suturing, learning heart functions, CPR skills, and identifying and using medical instruments.

Additionally, there will be information regarding financial assistance for college for those students interested in postsecondary education in the healthcare field.

This experience strengthens the mentorship program that has been designed for juniors and seniors in the Health and Wellness Academy.  

Ocean Breeze Elementary's Science Fair

On Wednesday, February 1st, the BPS communications team visited Ocean Breeze Elementary's Science Fair! Located in the school's lunchroom were about 228 student science projects made by mostly 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

These projects were so creative! For example, some projects tested which stain remover worked best on clothes, testing the strength of specific fishing lines, and even proving the best method to protect the beach from erosion! On the day we visited, nine judges from Melbourne High School and Viera High School were there to choose winners of the science fair.

Take a look at these wonderful projects! Congratulations to all the students who participated and their amazing teachers at Ocean Breeze Elementary!

Superintendent Search Survey

Brevard Public Schools is seeking community-wide input concerning the leadership qualities desired in the next Superintendent. To participate, please attend one of our forums listed below.

The survey is another great way to provide feedback if you cannot attend a forum. Please CLICK the image to take the survey or simply scan the QR code.


Gabriela Bernard from DeLaura Middle School

This week’s student spotlight is on Gabriela Bernard from DeLaura Middle School. Gabriela is an 8th grader running for a local club called Set Goals Not Limits, coached by Doug Butler of Satellite High School. This past weekend she set a new personal record of 5 minutes and 25 seconds for the indoor mile in Gainesville for the win!

This year, she has the best middle school girls’ mile time in the State by 8 seconds. And is faster than any freshman and sophomore girls for this indoor season. She earned a bid to return to Gainesville on February 11th to compete in the Florida Indoor Track Championship.  

Last year, Gabriela was Brevard County Schools Middle School track champion for the 1600m and placed 2nd for the 800m, which helped DeLaura secure 1st place in the county championship for the 2022 season. The DeLaura Girls track team is certainly going to have another successful season!

Heart of Brevard

Devin Smith is the Heart of Brevard

The Heart of Brevard is a person who puts their heart and soul into teaching, inspiring, and supporting our children in whatever role they play in BPS.

If you know of a BPS staff member or community partner who is the “Heart of Brevard,” nominate them HERE!


Tonight's Event is at McNair Middle School!


Cigna's Healthy Workforce Designation 2022

Healthy employees drive healthy businesses, and well-being programs have the ability to transform an organization’s culture which can impact business performance. A health-promoting work culture can increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention. With this assertion, Cigna annually recognizes a group of organizations for the difference they are making in the health and well-being of their employees.


Last year BPS partnered with Cigna to review and evaluate our well-being program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Cigna’s evaluation tool focused on five key areas: leadership and culture, program foundations, program execution, whole-person health, and utilization of Cigna capabilities.

This year, Cigna just announced its award recipients and Brevard Public Schools has received a Silver Level Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation for our 2022 program year. 

The Silver level designation honors an organization for having made significant progress towards a healthy work culture by establishing and growing their employee well-being and engagement program. Our well-being program is also essential in helping reduce employee stress and burnout and establishing healthy practices throughout BPS.

From ParaPro Prep to Google Suite, there is something for everyone. Click the button for more information.

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