February First Friday


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First Friday Opening
February 6, 2015
Carlos Setien

Past to Present: 45 Years of Work - Beyond Boundaries

Sculpture, Paintings & Monoprints


Organized with Douglas Drake of Drake Fine Art 


February 6 - February 28, 2015

Main Gallery



"Light is art and art is living" ~ Carlos Setien, May 1970





As long as we live we cannot ever divorce ourselves from either time or light.


Time is motion and light is subject to time.


Therefore... art exists only because of light, and art is only dead when light is no longer part of us.

David Goodrich Remembered
Paintings from 1995-2011


December 29, 2014 - February 28, 2015 

Front Gallery


A solo exhibition of Goodrich's paintings were on display in the spring of 2012 at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. He traded a few paintings with Jim Leedy during this time and was a good friend and patron of the art center. Shortly following his unfortunate and untimely passing in July of 2014, the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center hosted a memorial service for his close friends and family, but now has the honor of presenting one more solo exhibition to commemorate and appreciate his natural artistic talent that lives on through his artwork.

The Kansas City Star: Ink
by Alice Thorson












KCAI: Undergrads Underground

Haley Chaffin


Compost Mentis, Fiat Lux

(Of Sound Mind, Let There be Light)


 February 6 - February 28, 2015

Lower Level Gallery

Compos Mentis, Fiat Lux intends to overwhelm the viewer with an uncomfortable journey through audio and visuals. Its goal is to educate viewers on how animation can be extremely emotionally stimulating, especially when paired with audio. As a person who interprets sounds as shadows and textures in my surroundings, I've created a similar experience for people, by uniting audio and intense visuals into an engaging and emotion-driven environment. Through large sculptures and soft lighting, I've created an interactive and textural space in attempt to test the bond between comfort and insecurity.

Accompanying the animation is music composed by Frazier Krohn, of the UMKC Conservatory.




Haley Chaffin is a local artist and the youngest person ever admitted as a full-time student to the Kansas City Art Institute. Haley anticipates graduating with a degree in Animation in 2016. Most recently, Haley has created animated work for IKEA and provided production assistance on the short film Me and the Black Dog,which premieres in Liverpool May of 2015.

Although animation is her primary medium, she is experimenting with the juxtaposition of animation and other art forms. In addition to her current installation, Haley is exploring animated documentaries, experimental story-telling and the creation of interactive environments.













Justin Baldwin

January 2 - February 28, 2015
Opie Gallery

I believe in the experiential alchemy of art by which one can transform

life's lead into fool's gold.


Values, belief systems, identity, socioeconomics, multiculturalism, and

the mythology of modern life all inform my art.


I hope that what I make can return the kindness of people giving it their

time by giving them something to make their own.


                                                                                                           - Justin Baldwin



In Quotes From Underground Justin's attempt at "experiential alchemy" include images, objects, and words used to explore values, belief systems, socioeconomics, multiculturalism, and the mythology of modern life. 


Underlying issues of science vs. spirituality, money vs. religion, business vs. war, as well as the artist's own experiences of "art and life in transit" all inform the work.


Justin Baldwin's drawings, paintings, and sculptures mix visual vernacular borrowed from various sources, re-contextualizing icons and ideas originating in the ancient as well as the everyday to create implied narratives that speak in terms more poetic than linear, transforming more than telling, and asking more than answering.














KC: America's Creative Crossroads

A National Lifestyle Campaign by the

Kansas City Area Development Council


Featuring Portrait Photography by Cameron Gee


December 5, 2014 - February 28, 2015

Back Gallery


The Kansas City region has a legacy of artistic and entrepreneurial innovation spanning more than 125 years. Much like the transformation Seattle went through in the 1990's and Austin in the 2000's, Kansas City is becoming a formidable lifestyle and career destination. Today, KC has one of America's most   inventive and creative cultures.

America's Creative Crossroads, highlights the Kansas City area as an intersection of artistry and technology. It is designed to elevate the KC region in the minds of potential residents, visitors, artists, talented professionals and businesses...while increasing awareness and participation in the unique arts and cultural assets throughout the greater Kansas City region.


This compelling new narrative for KC is told through the bold images, words and lives of some of our most inventive prolific and influential personalities - reflecting the passion and energy of our region's creative spirit.



Photographer: Cameron Gee

KC Creative Crossroads

Kansas City Area Development Council