February 2019
February Fun

The Fun Factor

We are proud to be the gym of choice for 593 athletes, give or take a few.
Whether it is an elite athlete choosing to invest their time, money and effort, or a team of young hockey players stopping in to learn the basics and gain a little edge, or some Mount Academy students supplementing their studies with physical activity, Synergy is the place they turn to.
So what is our secret?
So what is our goal amidst all of this?
So what is the most important aspect?


Fun is the driver here - if fun is absent, then anything else we do loses its lustre.
Fun breeds passion. Passion breeds drive. And drive breeds success.
You cannot have passion without fun; you cannot have drive without passion; you cannot attain success without drive.
Making exercise a part of your life, learning and improving as you go - this is fun.
Facing new challenges and meeting them head-on, achieving goals and getting out of your comfort zone - this is fun.
Feeling encouraged and empowered, having people believe in you - this is fun.
Setting new benchmarks for yourself, new things for you to chase after - this is fun.
Fun boosts your chances of being a lifelong participant in exercise and physical activity.
But what about the “serious” or “elite” athlete? What of those who pay to see results?
If results is more important than “fun,” if results is what you are after, then we all need to ask ourselves a few questions:

Doesn’t smart training lend itself to results?
Doesn’t embracing challenge lead to results?
Doesn’t empowerment and belief lead to results?
Doesn’t having something to strive lead to results?

Alysha Corrigan trains with us here. So does Noah Dobson, Jeremy McKenna, Shannon MacAulay, and Darren Lundrigan.
These are all elite athletes in their respective sport. They illustrate the idea that the best athletes have fun in the process. They enjoy and embrace the day-in, day-out process of being an athlete and trying to improve.

Mark Flood is thirty-four years old. He has played in the NHL, AHL, KHL, OHL, SM-Liga, and many leagues across the globe.
And he is the consummate professional. His entire approach to his training and lifestyle is an example for athletes of any age. He is now training with elite athletes half his age - and yet not only does he still have the most fun, but he is often the one “upping the fun level."

Fun and results - both in the short and long term - are not mutually exclusive.
If you cannot have fun in the process, will you be able to fully enjoy the results anyway?

Maybe fun is the answer…
Summer Sport Training
Attention Summer Sport Athletes:

Hows your training going this winter?

Will you be at your best this Spring / Summer?

We can help make sure you are ready!


Training Sessions
M-T-W-Th-F @330 / 530 (60 Minute Sessions)
24 Session Package - $240 plus tax
Individual Speed & Strength Programs

Adult Fitness
Fitness Class are booming in 2019! Our clients are seeing great results and having a blast in the process. Our first class is always free so come give one of our classes a try! Current members get 20% off your next package when you have a friend sign up.

Athlete for Life (A4L) program is another flexible option that has had excellent feedback through the use of our the TrainHeroic app.

For those who may want a little more coaching, there is still value to be found in Personal Training, where our coaches work with you through a program tailored to your goals and needs.

Synergy Super Kids
Intro to Fitness & Sport Training
Our NEW Super Kids program has been a long time coming! This program is designed to provide youngsters with a fun and safe start to fitness and sport training. The focus will be on learning running technique, functional movement skills, coordination in a fun and challenging way.

Starts March 2
60 Minute Sessions
24 Session Package - $240 plus tax
12 Session Package - $130 plus tax
25% off for 2nd kid in family