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10 Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

By Randa Kriss
Jan 25, 2021 | From

Snow, sleet, ice, and wind... there's a lot to prepare for when it comes to winter weather. Just like we're affected by the cold, our dogs are, too. Here are a few simple measures you can take to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy throughout the winter.

Avoid Thin Ice
Too often we hear stories of dogs that had to be rescued from icy waters (and those are the lucky ones). It might look like fun to slide across that frozen pond, but ice can easily crack, and your dog - and you - could fall in. Slipping on ice can also lead to muscle strains and other injuries.

Protect Your Dog's Paws
Look at the Iditarod sled-dog teams, and you'll notice that their paws are covered by booties. Mushers know that the race may be lost because of injuries and abrasions from running on ice. Even if your dog isn't dashing through 1,000 miles of frozen Alaskan wilderness, winter conditions can still do damage. Different retailers offer dog boots or paw protectors that work well to keep your pup's feet safe.

Trim Foot Fuzz
Hair on the feet of long-haired dogs can form ice balls between pads and toes. Keep them well-trimmed, cutting the hair so that it is even with the surface of the foot.

Clean Your Dog's Feet
City streets are coated with deicing substances, such as sodium chloride (rock salt) and calcium chloride, which make sidewalks safe for pedestrians, but can damage paw pads. Make sure you wash off your dog's feet. Some people keep a bucket next to the door to rinse their dog's feet as soon as they come in from the cold. Use warm water and make sure to reach spots between the toes and pads. Some dogs will also need a moisturizer for dry skin.

Learn how to make your own paw balm for the winter here.

Limit Dog's Time Outside
Dogs can suffer from frostbite, especially on delicate earflaps and tail tips. In extreme cold, it's a good idea to keep dogs inside, with the exception of the heavy-coated northern breeds that thrive in low temperatures. If it's not possible to keep the dogs indoors, be aware of the major signs of frostbite, which include skin that appears white or blue.

Stay Indoors
Even a big fuzzy dog that lives indoors will need some time to acclimate to freezing temperatures. Short romps outside will help your dog's body get used to the change in the weather. Keep indoor activities fun with these ideas. Toys like the DogTwister Interactive Game give your dog a fun way to get both mental and physical exercise.

Bundle Your Dog Up
Sure, most dogs have their own coat, but you wouldn't want to go out in a blizzard in a light spring jacket. Make sure small, delicate, and short-haired dogs, even large ones like Greyhounds, have an appropriate winter wardrobe. Bonus: You can have fun dressing them up.

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"Everything is great! She's such a sweet girl. I think she's settling in really well. We're definitely starting to see more of her character (she steals socks and other 'stuff' - we are all getting very good at being super tidy, and keeping doors closed!) but she's actually pretty mellow in the house. 
Tired I think!

She's doing great on leash with a harness. She's a little spooky about a lot of things - I'm sure this is all just one massive sensory experience just now, but she's taking it all in her stride.

I've been walking her in the forest on a 30ft leash which is great, and allows lots of recall practice, 
which she's totally getting. She really wants to be with her people.

Our only challenge so far is that her feet have been a little sore from all the walking. They seem better today, having said that, and we are trying to walk mostly in the forest rather than on pavement. They just need to toughen up a bit! I have some cream I put on her pads last night but of course she licked it off mostly!

She had a meet and greet with our dog walker the other day and did great. She's not going to walk with him just yet, but I wanted them to connect. I'm going to give her a month or so before we do that.

So all is well. We love having her. She is funny and cheeky and sweet, and she really wants to be a good dog.

Thanks for checking in!"




"She is a real mellow gal. She's very attached to my older daughter and naps at her feet during homeschool. They walk and play ball a few times a day. My husband and also give her short walks each day. The cat actually seems to like her. Well, maybe that's a stretch.

She is a really sweet dog and now that she's all settled in we are really seeing her personality come out.

In November we took a quick visit to see family in Utah and brought her with us. She got to spend two nights in a very nice hotel suite in Vegas we stayed at to break up the drive. So she got to see a casino and ride an elevator. Really seemed pleased with herself!"



"He's doing great. Got a bit chubby (weighs 75 pounds now), so I need to give him a little less food.

Otherwise we are not very thrilled with all this rain (although it's great for nature). But the more time we spend inside, the more squeaky toys need to die to appease the little monster.

We also got to the point where we are making friends with other dogs in the neighborhood. He initially has that intense hunting stare, but once he sniffs the dogs he's friendly."



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