ASO Updates from Christina Littlejohn
First, as always, thank you so much ASO Guild members for your unwavering support of ASO even during these times of unknowns. Often I feel like I am walking in a fog and all decisions are “hurry up and wait.” “How to Run an Orchestra in Quarantine” was never offered to me in grad school. I’ve attended a few seminars lately on the topic and have accepted that none of us know what we’re doing, but we’re all trying to do what’s best for our community with the resources we have.
I am thankful that in Little Rock, a key resource we have is agreement on our North Star. Our Guild, Board, staff, musicians, donors, and patrons are working together to keep our full-time musicians employed, serve the community with music and music education as we can, stay safe, and keep ASO financially stable. So far, we have managed to teach hundreds of children in private and group lessons, be seen by thousands of people, and stay connected to our community on a regular basis through the musicians’ Bedtime with Bach series.
We are now performing the reimagined Masterworks concerts Geoff Robson has programmed for us. Geoff created concerts that show off our ASO musicians. Using a chamber sized ensemble allows us to perform music that isn’t heard that often and should be. The first concert was last weekend and is available to view for the next two weeks. The program included works by Jesse Montgomery, George Walker, Claude Debussy, and Vaughan Williams. Performing virtually is quite a learning experience for all of us.
We continue to communicate with the AR Health Department for guidance on when we can open up Robinson for audience members. When we do, we will have to socially distance. Brandon Dorris and Kortnee Kalberer, ASO staff members, have been working on plans to make this as easy as possible for subscribers. While I wouldn’t use the word “easy” to describe anything, since we do want you to have a good time at the symphony we are planning now for your return.
If you are not receiving emails from the ASO, if you are a subscriber and did not get access to the concert, if you have missed the Bedtime with Bachs, please let Kortnee or me know. We want to communicate with you. We’re still only able to reach you through email. Please do not hesitate to call 666-1761 ext. 100 to let us know if you haven’t received any notifications from us through this Covid time.
Thank you again for your continued support of ASO. I look forward to participating in the Symphony of Flavors and learning how to cook at least one good meal for my daughter Jubilee.