February High School
Youth Happenings
We had a great time at our Okoboji Retreat. We were able to play on the ice, have dinner out at Pub 19, make a fun late night Walmart run, worship at First Lutheran, and spend a few hours at Boji Splash. Check out this month's Youth Happenings and join us for our upcoming valentines visit to Luther Manor, The Escape Lock-in, Wiener dog races, Silent Auction Banquet and Talent show, and a trip to an Okoboji Recharge. You can also join us each week for Wednesday Nigh Youth Group and Sunday Morning Girl's Bible Study.
Featured Events
Feb 22-23 8 PM - 7 AM
The ESCAPE Lock-In.  Join us as we talk about struggles that we go through every day while engaging in fun activities and games. We will also have an escape room where teams will have 1 hour to get out of the room or face the consequences. Cost is $5.00

If you are an adult that can help please sign up below or contact John at jschomberg@oslchurch.com for more information.
Spring Okoboji Recharge
High School Recharge March 29-31 If you thought the retreat was fun then you will love an Okoboji Recharge. Join High School youth from around the region as we learn about God, make new friends, and have a fantastic weekend of worship, activities, and fun.  
Coming up at High School Youth Group
Wednesdays at 7pm
Wednesday, February 6 we will be finishing up our FROZEN series . This week we will talk about relationships, play a great "frozen" game and crown the winners. 
Then on February 13, we will meet at Luther Manor to deliver Valentines and share the love with a great group of residents. 
February 20 we will meet at GREAT BEAR from 7-8:30 PM for a fun night of tubing. Cost is $8 .
And finally, we will start a new series on February 27 that will run through the end of March led by our very own Elle Weg . Elle will be taking us on a journey of humor in the bible sure to include good discussion and plenty of fun.
High School Girl's Bible Study
Join us each Sunday at 10 AM in the Oasis Room
Our High School girls are invited to join Elle, Takara, and Katie for our girls' bible study. Each week they work their way through a book of the Bible while having opportunities to talk about life and creating lasting relationships.
The Oasis Room is located under the stairs next to the gym.
More Events
Stampede Hockey and the Weiner Dog Nationals
Join us February 23 as we head to a Stampede game and enjoy the Weiner Dog Nationals. Watch those tiny feet scamper across the ice and see the fastest wiener dogs in South Dakota. Oh, and there will be a hockey game too :) Tickets avalible Sunday mornings.
Banquet and Talent Show
March 3 at 5 PM we are hosting our Silent Auction Banquet and Talent Show. Tickets are on sale for $10 in the Gathering Place each Sunday, enjoy a great meal and a talent show hosted by our very own Ethan Boyens, Ellyssa Bartels, Charlie Nesdahl and Pastor Justin. If you are a youth who is interested in participating in the Talent Show please email John.
Upcoming Calendar
3 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
6 – High School Youth Group 7-9 PM "FROZEN"
10 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
13 – HS Youth Group 7-9 PM (Valentine’s Day at Luther Manor)
17 – Silent Auction Begins
17 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
20 – High School Youth Group at GREAT BEAR 7-8:30 PM
22,23 – High School Lock-in Fri 8 PM – Sat 7 AM
23 - Stampede Hockey Game (Weiner Dog Nationals)
24 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
27 – High School Youth Group 7-9PM

3 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
3 – Silent Auction Banquet and Talent Show 5-8 PM (end of Auction)
6 – Ash Wednesday Service 7 PM ( NO Confirmation or HS Youth Group )
10 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
13 – High School Youth Group 7-9PM
17 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
20 – High School Youth Group 7-9PM
24 – Girls’ Bible Study 10-10:50 AM
27 – High School Youth Group 7-9PM
29-31 - High School Recharge at Okoboji