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February is Waste and Food Waste Month
We have a lot of awesome events and opportunities this month!
Check out our calendar to stay in the loop:
Waste Bin Sticker Application is live!
With the help of student and community volunteers, the ASCP has been adhering updated versions of Landfill, Recycle, and Compost stickers to the waste bins here on campus. The stickers are more accurate than the previous ones.

Upcoming dates TBD
Tri-Institutional Sustainability Workshops
Join us for our Spring Workshop series to learn more about a variety of sustainability topics! This series is designed to introduce students to general sustainability concepts or expand knowledge on specific sustainability pillars. Workshops are free to all Auraria students.

*CU Denver students can earn a co-curricular leadership certification!

Green Grants
Do you have an idea to make the Auraria campus more sustainable? Partner with classmates and friends to develop a "Green Grants" proposal for the chance to see your project implemented and/or win a prize!
Click here for more information.
Faculty/Staff Coalition Update
Our first faculty/staff sustainability coalition meeting of the semester will be held this Thursday 2/6 from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM at the CU Denver Wellness Center. We will be discussing this semester’s events and projects and taking a tour of the LEED Gold certified building.

Learn more about the coalition and sign up to join the conversation by visiting our web page.

If you take your recyclable items out to the recycling bin in a trash bag, remember to take the items out of the trash bag before you toss!

Putting plastic bags in the recycling bin contaminates the waste and often sends it all to the landfill instead of a recycling facility.

Do you know a student, faculty member, campus employee, or organization here on the Auraria Campus that epitomizes Sustainable behavior?
We'd love to feature them!

Email submissions to: ascpnews@gmail.com
Blog post
Ocean Acidification
By: Jacob Kuenzli
"..Coral reefs and the oceans in general absorb a significant amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. However, due to the increased amount of this gas being put into the atmosphere, the ocean’s pH has lowered, which means the acidity in the ocean has.."
Grassroots Coordinator
Grasstops Intern
Event Planner
Media Coordinator

Spring/Summer: Join Environment America in a multitude of roles serving the Denver Metro area! Plan environmental activism events with fellow students, write publications for local newspapers, and work with local organizations to help make the Denver area more green! For more information and/or to apply, Click Here!
Are you a student, faculty, or staff - looking to volunteer with the ASCP's sustainability initiatives on campus? Our Eco-Rep program now has more opportunities, events, and workshops to get involved with! Sign up for the newsletter with the button below, and join our Facebook group for updated events and detailed information.
To see upcoming Eco-Rep opportunities, check the event calendar here in the newsletter!
Every year, the ASCP reviews or drafts dozens of proposals brought to us by students, staff, and faculty. Do you have an idea that could make the Auraria Campus more sustainable? Let us know!
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