February 2018

You are Invited to the Hayshire Talent Show! 
Come one! Come all! Grades K and 3 will be performing on February 20th, 6:30 pm, and Grades 1 and 2 will be performing on February 21st, 6:30 pm. See the amazing talents of our Hayshire children! You will love the show! 
Everyone Loved Family Game Night  
Robotics Competition
By Addyson Markey
We are having an amazing time with the Robotics Competition. Our mission is to get Dash the robot to investigate an island that mysteriously appeared when the Solar Eclipse happened. Mission One is hard but we're getting the hang of it. It is challenging because we need to program Dash with two different apps and get him through all the squares. The Wonder app doesn't allow you to repeat the actions. Using Dash for computational thinking is very good for your brain. Each team uses three brains to figure out the problems which is better than one brain. Each team does help other teams out. This has been a great experience.
Team Members: Sophie Wensel, Prisha Patel, Clayton Brandstedter, Ryan Klinedinst, Makenna Young, Adyson Markey, Kye Dinterman, Kolt Motley, Alexya McFadden, Aaron Wilson, Makayla Bosserman, Tyler Einsig, Sam Fair, Addison Reed
Hayshire Kindergarten Helps Us Remember Bus Safety
Joel Warden
I know all about bus safety. The kids should sit back to back and bottom to bottom. The kids should be quiet.
Leah Spahr
I know all about bus safety. Kindergartners sit safely and nicely. Hold the rail.
Aaron Diaz
I know all about bus safety. Kids sit quietly and kids stay sitting and you listen to the bus driver.
Solara Hendrickson
I know about bus safety. You can't stand up on the bus. You need to sit.
Mazen Tello
I know all about bus safety. Sit bottom to bottom. Stay in your seat.
Kaylin Jones
I know all about bus safety. You have to sit back to back and bottom to bottom. You cannot scream.
Sophia Elswick
I know all about bus safety. You stop when the bus puts the stop sign out.

Family Forum: Leveraging Learning with Technology
            Twenty- three Hayshire learners shared with the families how they are using technology to help them in their learning. Hayshire children learn in many ways: auditory, visual, hands-on, in partners, in small groups, in large group, and independently. There are many avenues of learning: paper-pencil, artwork, playdough, blocks, books, discussion, hands-on materials, and technology. At the Family Forum, learners talked about their learning using Schoology, See Saw, Book Creator, Green Screen, Osmo, Robotics, Mindfulness Apps, Reflex Math, and more! The student-led Ripples group shared the work they are doing designing a website with Hayshire Proud learning!
The Ripples  
The Ripples are our PR group of Hayshire learners who keep us informed about what is happening at Hayshire. 
                  Visit our website!

Hayshire Family Forum
                       Multi-Age Classrooms - March 26, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
We will share info and provide time for questions.

Rollerskating Parties - March 13 and 14
Diversity Celebration - March 22, 5:30 pm, CYMS 
Early Dismissal on February 16 (early dismissal at 12:30 pm)
There is school on February 19th. 
Kindergarten Registration is open starting Feb. 19. Children who will be age 5 by the end of August can register for kindergarten. Paperwork will be mailed home.
Parent-Teacher Conferences 
We will be offering a March parent-teacher conference on the evening of March 1 (Thursday) or the afternoon of March 2 (Friday.)
This is an opportunity to discuss your child's progress with the teacher. Our conference scheduler on Skyward is open so that you may sign up for a conference time. If you cannot access the conference scheduler, contact your child's teacher.
We want to work as partners in your child's education.
Always feel free to contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Snare or
Mrs. Thomas whenever you have a concern or question.


PTO Meeting is Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 pm - You are invited!

Panther Pantry Schedule  
The mission of The Panther Pantry is to provide nourishment to the children and families of Central York School District. The pantry shelves are stocked each month by Central York School District learners and community volunteers. The food and household items that line the shelves are donated by community members.
Anyone from our Central York School District community is welcome to the pantry. Know that you will be cared for and that information is kept confidential.
Pantry hours are from 5:00-6:00 pm on Feb. 20th at the Central York Middle School.