February 2021 eConnection
news for IPN provider offices
Vaccine Grants
The Department of Health and Welfare is offering grants to vaccine providers working in local communities to support COVID-19 vaccine administration. Click here to learn more.
Black History Month
Since the year 1976, American Presidents have dedicated the month of February as Black History Month to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of those in the Black community. According to History.com, the 2021 theme is “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity”.

For more about Black History, visit the Idaho Black History Museum.
Run-Out Repricing
IPN is providing run-out repricing services for following terminated groups:
For more information related to these terminated groups, please contact the payor's customer service at the phone number listed on the insured's identification card.
Payor News
PacificSource Communication Update
In January, PacificSource Health Plans announced a new partnership with BetterDoctor for provider data validation. This new partnership ensures a more accurate provider directory. For detailed information, click here.

For information about PacificSource's action plan, coding guidelines, provider relief plans and FAQs, click here.
Cigna Communication Update
Cigna Reference Guide
Cigna revised the guide for participating physicians, hospitals, ancillaries, and other health care professionals. A copy is attached here.

The guide can also be accessed by registered users of the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website (CignaforHCP.com > Resources > Reference Guides > View Documents > Health Care Professional Reference Guides).

For information about Cigna's interim billing guidelines and FAQs, click here.

Network News
Medical Policy Updates will be reported in the Q1 2021 issue of Cigna's Network News. To receive Cigna Network News directly, Sign up at Cignaforhcp.com.
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