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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
Summary & Follow-up items
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Action Items
1) Staff from the City Auditor's Office will attend in March, check out their website and let Leah know if you're interested in hearing the results or more information about a recent or pending audit. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/auditservices/

2) See "Call for Advocacy Support" below for other topics to take action on.
The LUTC engaged in a great discussion regarding the SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint project.  The group quickly dove into the nuts and bolts of the corridor and all the needs it must meet. Group brought up some of the following questions during our discussion (note these are paraphrased):

Q. Repaving project timeline and duration. A. Not set in stone at this time. Although the duration is expected to be about a month or less.  
Q. Is any part of the project addressing sidewalks or curbs?  A. Moving curbs is very expensive, and not part of this paint and repave, but PBOT is still collecting ideas and feedback about crossing, sidewalk, and curbs.
Q. Crossing types and costs. A. They vary significantly! 3 lane crossing allows for unsigned crossing which are a fraction of the cost of signaled costs which can cost up to one million dollars. For example, the crossing at (the 3-lane portion of) SE Hawthorne and 41st costs from $20,000 to 50,000. Signaled crossings get up into the million ball-park. Yikes!
Q. Will both sides of the street be closed at the same time? Unsure, but PBOT will do their best to minimize the inconvenience to users.
Q. Any parking removal? A. Some, there will be removal of parking within 20’ of curbs to create greater visibility and clearance. 

The session concluded with diving into an activity laying out what a new configuration could look like. And sharing back.  To share your thoughts, attend the upcoming Open Houses in March. (See more information below.)

The last 30 minutes of the meeting included community contributions about advocacy issues of interest. The Inner SE Action group introduced themselves, shared an update of what they are working on, and encouraged interested neighbors to participate. Next, Laurelhurst and Kerns Neighborhood Associations shared and update and their concerns about a issue that may prevent the construction of an 88-unit affordable housing project on what is now called the Mann House. Lastly, Leah shared an update on some trees in North Tabor that will be going down due to an abuse of the current Tree Code on behalf of a North Tabor neighbor. See more information below.
Project Updates & Announcements
Draft Climate Emergency Declaration - feedback wanted.

In response to the increasing threat of climate change — and in consultation with Portland’s youth and frontline communities — Mayor Ted Wheeler released the first draft of a Climate Emergency Declaration on February 12, 2020.

Neighbors are encouraged to review the draft declaration language and send us your comments by March 16 at 5 p.m. Go here for more information.
Hawthorne Paint and Pave - Attend a Open House!

Portland Bureau of Transportation will be repaving a portion of SE Hawthorne in Summer 2021. Don't miss two upcoming open houses to share your ideas and provide about SE Hawthorne. - March 7th (at SE Uplift office) and March 10th.

Go here for  upcoming meeting information. And take the  project survey  to provide your input!

Better Block PDX: Call for 2020 Pop-Up Projects - funds available!
Better Blocks PSU  helps communities develop implementation plans and designs for transportation related projects. The partnership between  Better Block PDX  and Portland State University (PSU) results in pop-up projects that promote placemaking, community building and active transportation advocacy.

The deadline to submit a proposal online is March 10, 2020 . Priority is given to BIPOC, LGBTQI, disability advocacy, and women-led organizations. Download the full RFP document and the Better Block PDX Guide to Pop-Up Projects here . Questions, email: treceducation@pdx.edu

Project planning, support, guidance and student plans are provided by Better Block PSU:
Up to four projects are selected and handed off to planning and communications students in Spring, 2020. The students develop outreach and engagement plans to start in June. Projects that require engineering work will go through an engineering phase in Winter 2020 to produce a traffic plan for June, 2021. During this planning time, community organizations are tasked with gathering support and funding to implement the plans.

Call for Advocacy Support
The LUTC group discussed the following issues/concerns at our February Meeting. Review and see if you'd like to get involved.
Trees at Risk
Care about trees? Tired or seeing some developers taking advantage of the rules, or think the tree code needs to be modified to better protect this valuable resource in our urban environment? Contact Leah Fisher to find out how you can get learn more and get involved.

Learn more about Portland trees and the code, go here .

To suggest an audit of the tree code (or other issue), go here .
Affordable Housing Project
Get informed and involved in an Affordable Housing Project happening in the Kerns and Laurelhurst neighborhoods. We are talking as low as 30% MFI... wow! Connect with Leah to learn more and get involved.
Washington High School Property - Community Center
Neighbors are meeting March 19th at the Buckman Community Association's Land Use meeting to get some history on the Washington High School property that has been saved for a potential future Community Center to serve inner Southeast. Contact Leah if you are interested in attending! Old article discussing the project here .
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