March 4th - 6pm Social Hour/7pm Meeting
Unitarian/Universalist Church 524 Allen Ave, Portland
March General Meeting
Sledding Mt. Washington with Hans Hackett
In April 2015, a friend introduced Hans Hackett to the idea of sledding on the slopes of Mt Washington and his inner child took notice.Since that day, he has experienced eleven expeditions and he has also gathered a fleet of sleds so he can share this thrilling experience. Stay tuned for a MOAC posted sledding adventure.

Hans joined MOAC in the summer of 2014 and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and of course, sledding. “I consider myself a creature of convenience, which is why I am such a huge fan of the local land trust trails. Right here in the Greater Portland area, we are surrounded by so much outdoor opportunities or what I like to call, access to beauty.”

Please join us for this exciting and humorous ride amongst the spectacular beauty of Mt Washington.
Last Month's Presentation
Back Country Skiing with Chris Bennett
Join Chris as he shares photos and adventures of backcountry skiing from The White Mountains, Katahdin, Japan and the Tetons. He will share what it took to get the shot and how you can take better ski photos.

Chris Bennett is a freelance photographer whose work takes him around the world. He is a regular contributor to Outside Magazine, Backpacker and Downeast and his work has been published in National Geographic Adventure, Men's Journal and Yankee.
Winterfest 2020
Let's celebrate Leap Day with our annual Winterfest gathering! Five Fields Farm in Bridgton was not available this year so we expanded our search and found Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth.  This is a lovely little farm with a great carriage museum that we can enjoy and we know all of our members will be respectful of the museum and property.

You can find their trail map under "About Skyline." However, they will be expanding and marking the trails for our event to match with their annual 5K race so we have more space to wander. There are no groomed ski trails, but we will be free to ski around the open fields and on the trails. Please bring your own skis, snowshoes or traction appropriate for the day, and assorted accessories, and dress for the weather - whatever it turns out to be. There is a small heated space where the food will be set up and another unheated, but indoor, space for us in the museum. There are also picnic tables outside near where the fire pit will be. Members are welcome to bring camp chairs for around the fire.
As always, we will have our soup/chili/chowder contest. There will be cash prizes for the top three winners and $10 each for the first 10 people to enter the contest to go toward supplies (limited to 15 entries). We would love for someone to volunteer to organize this, but for now, please email Marianne Hubert if you'd like to enter - or coordinate!

The contest entries are in addition to the pot luck items that everyone brings. The club will provide, napkins, utensils, etc., but appreciate you bringing your own reusables to reduce waste.

If you're willing to lead an outing for snowshoeing/hiking or skiing, you can post the event on the calendar - just mention that it's for Winterfest. As with all of our club events, it's the volunteers that make it happen!

Volunteers and donations to help make this a spectacular day:

  • Wood for the firepit
  • Help setting up and cleaning up
  • Trip leaders for outdoor activities
  • Your own potluck dish and kit [plate/napkin/cup/utensils] if possible

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to Lianne Mitchell (or text 207.807.2729) or any other board member.
MOAC Board
Names were placed in nomination at the February meeting for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors. Initially we had enough nominations to require a vote of the membership. But in the time since then, people have withdrawn. So, we do have a complete Board for next year, and per the By-Laws, we do not need to vote.

Here is your Board for 2020-2021:
PRESIDENT - Dan Kidd - One of the most notable badges of courage in MOAC is to proudly say, "I survived a Dan Kidd trip!" Yes, there is some hyperbole in that statement, until you talk to the people who have ventured all over the country and the world with him. Whatever direction he heads, adventure DOES follow.

Dan is a long-time MOACer and has served as president in the past. He is always looking for the next big trip and if you are flexible (mostly time - you remember: "I am thinking about paddling a river, not sure where yet, or when, or for how long - who wants to go?"), then you will have a great time.

Plus, he plays a mean washtub bass.
VICE PRESIDENT - Lianne Mitchell - I grew up in Maine and moved back in 2004 after having moved around a bit for about 20 years. I joined MOAC in 2007 as a way to get outside and be more active.  It worked!  While, my involvement varies a bit depending on the time of year due to being a real estate agent, I’m fairly active in posting and attending local club trips like Bradbury, Libby Hill, etc for hiking and snowshoeing.  I also enjoy recreational kayaking.

I was the coordinator for the monthly program speakers for about 3 years until joining the MOAC board as a member-at-large last year.  The club has been a part of many great experiences and memories for me over the years and I’ve made some great friends.  It’s my pleasure to “give back” to the group.
SECRETARY - Jerry Harkavy - Jerry joined MOAC when he retired 10 years ago. His favorite outdoor activities with the club include hiking, snowshoeing, and road biking. He particularly enjoys hikes in the White Mountains during fall and winter. He also appreciates all the friendships with MOAC members during his outings.

Jerry grew up in the Bronx, N.Y., and moved to Maine in 1968 after completing Army service in Vietnam. He worked for more than 40 years as a newsman in the Associated Press office in Portland. His career took him to all corners of Maine, which enhanced his appreciation of our beautiful state. In addition to MOAC, Jerry's retirement activities include attending Senior College classes at USM and volunteering as a Medicare Counselor at the Southern Maine Area Agency on Aging and as a Vet to Vet volunteer.

He lives in Cape Elizabeth with his wife, Addy Alexander, and their four Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Their kids, Edward and Rebecca, live in Japan and Washington State.
TREASURER - Gerry Jalbert - Gerry has been a MOACer going on three years. He has the financial background to take on the toughest job the Board has - Treasuer.

Gerry will ensure the lights stay on (figuratively speaking) but no, he won't have spare batteries with him when your headlamp goes out on a camping trip.
Dave Francis -   I am a life-long outdoorsman...hunting, fishing, woods and water sports and hiking too.

I retired in 2016 and now have the time to do more of all of this. I've been in MOAC for almost two years and have met a lot of very nice people. We are an all-volunteer club and I felt that participating on the Board would be a good thing to do. I enjoyed my year on the Board and that's why I am running again.
Marianne Hubert - Marianne has been a long time member and feels that it is time to give back to the club. She has participated in many activities over the years and has learned to appreciate new sports and found new favorite spots in Maine. Now, she is really interested in a global experience and will travel far and wide to see new sights. But, the folks at home are still most important. 
Peter Mullen - As a MOAC member for a dozen years or so, I have held many responsibilities. I've served in At-Large positions on the Board, been on the web team, and helped pull off club events. I am currently the editor of the newsletter. MOAC is an incredible group of people who enrich my life virtually every day.

My vision for MOAC is to see it grow and to see its value increase for all members. Value in networking. In making friends. To being active. In giving back to the community. In lending its voice to concerns and issues facing the outdoor community
In addition to being published here, information about each member can be found on the MOAC website. Click HERE or navigate to FOR MEMBERS ONLY --> BOARD ELECTIONS.
The Oak

Live thy Life,
Young and old,
Like yon oak,
Bright in spring,
Living gold;

Then; and then
Gold again.

All his leaves
Fall'n at length,
Look, he stands,
Trunk and bough
Naked strength.
Chris Bennett To Ride For Suicide Prevention
Chris Bennett  presented his photography and skiing adventures at our February meeting.

To donate to Chris' cause, please click HERE.

"Starting the first week of March 2020 I will attempt to ride my bike from San Diego, California to Portland, Maine. The goal of this journey of almost 4000 miles, which I hope to complete in two months, is to raise funds for suicide prevention, erase the stigma surrounding suicide and its causes, to encourage those suffering from mental illness to seek treatment, and to show support for the families and friends of the 30,000 Americans who die by suicide and the 20 million people that suffer from depression each year."
I also have a Facebook fundraiser called "Chris rides across the country for suicide prevention"

To visit Chris' Facebook page for his ride, click HERE:

Folks can see my interviews with survivors and families there.

Thank you so much!

For Time At The Wood Stove
This is a new feature to point out books you may be interested in. They are taken from Appalachia, the semi-annual journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club
Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte, by Jeffrey Ryan. Maine Authors Publishing, 2019, 153 pages. ISBN 978-I-63381I-I88-I. Price: $17.95 (paperback)

Jim Whyte, the hermit of Monson, Maine. Who was he? Why was he there? What was his story?
AMC's Best Day Hikes in Central Massachusetts, by John S. Burk. Appalachian Mountain Club, 2018, 288 pages.ISBN 978-I-62842-094-4. Price $18.95 (paperback)
Reflections: 100 Years of Friendship and Hiking at AMC Cold River Camp, By Robert and Emma Crane. AMC Cold River Camp, 2018, 343 pages. ISBN 978-0-692-19003-6. Price $29.95 (paperback)
Nature Art * Jewelry * Quilts
Driftwood - Rocks - Shells - Glass - Seeds
President's Corner
Checking Out the Border States/And A Thank You
Ask a traveler what the best way to travel is, and you’re likely to get as many responses as there are travelers: cruise ship. Guided tours. Mushing a dogsled. Family vacation. Ski vacation. By bicycle.

Well, I’m on board with the latter. And, lucky stiff that I am, anticipation is mounting throughout February. On the 28 th , Pete and I depart PWM for San Diego, where we’ll meet a couple of friends from New Gloucester. The four of us will dip our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean – or not, depending on level of corrosion paranoia -- on March 1, and start pedaling. First stop will be Alpine, a town 37 miles away. Final stop will be St. Augustine, Florida, a city 3,042 miles from our beginning.

We expect to take about two months. We’ll be “self contained,” meaning that we will carry tents and sleeping bags, and have no motor vehicle accompanying us. We expect to overnight in campgrounds, with once a week overnights in motels. We’ve all been curious as to how many pounds we’ll be pushing. Weigh-ins so far range from 72 to about 80 pounds, bike and gear combined. We’ve each done some bike touring: Pete rode the Northern Tier literally decades ago, and Scott and Pam pedaled the Underground Railroad several years ago. I’m the novice in the group, with three relatively short trips under my belt.

No blog, but I’ll post on Facebook from time to time. March and April should be prime time for crossing some of the warmer parts of the country – Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, etc. – and by the time we finish, a cool early May ride in Maine will sound inviting.

Interested? Too late to join us, but check out for much more info.
As Jason at Maine Bike Works says, we’re hoping for “…plenty of all you can eat breakfast buffets and frequent tailwinds.” See you in May!

Thanks for the Memories
As the end of the MOAC year draws near, with elections for Board members scheduled for the March meeting, my term as President winds down. With no hesitation, I can tell you I got back far more than I put into it (and I don’t mean I was a slouch!), through the interactions with members I had never met, speakers who entertained us, and most especially through the people who have stepped up and continuously taken responsibility for MOAC.

For this past year, this cast of movers and shakers helped keep me in line: Vice President Ken Plourde, Treasurer Sue Martin, Secretary Jerry Harkavy, At Large Members Dave Francis, Marianne Hubert, Lianne Mitchell.

Immediate Past President Jeffrey Berry, Peter Mullen, Dana Thurston were each a huge help. Many thanks to each of you – MOAC is in good hands, and judging by the slate of candidates for the March elections, that will continue.

Bob Hamblen ( )
MOAC President
A cluster of cyclists head off across the wide open spaces of the Southern Tier route.
Pictures Wanted
Do you have a shoebox of photos on that high shelf in the back of your closet? That cabinet in your garage? Under your bed? And might some of these photos be of MOAC adventures from years ago? If so, we'd love to borrow them.

As part of celebrating our 30th anniversary, the club would like to create a digital record of the thrills and spills members have accumulated over that time. We plan to digitize whatever we can get our hands on. Donated photos can be returned after being scanned.

If you have anything you'd like to share, regardless of era, please email Marianne Hubert.
Got Your Skis Ready?
Your one-stop shopping for ski conditions in Maine.



If you feel you have better resources, please email link to
LL Bean Lecture Series Continues
LL Bean has released the schedule for its annual lecture series. Events are Friday evenings, starting at 7, and located in the camping atrium of the flagship store in Freeport. Look for more detailed information in the calendar as it becomes available. MOACers are known to gather for dinner before, or rehydrate after these events.

February 21 - Walking in Watercolor, An Artist’s Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago with Jennifer Lawson
February 28 - The Voices of Acadia’s Waters and Native Fish with Matthew Dickerson

March 6 - Jeff Ryan - The Hermit of Monson, Maine
March 13 - Appalachian Trail Photo Essay with Stan Goldblatt
March 20 - Film Screening: Amazing Amazon by Bill Yeo
March 27 - An Odyssey on America's Continental Divide Trail with Tom Jamrog

April 3 - Reading Rural Landscapes with Robert Sanford
April 10 - Squaretail Trout with Bob Mallard
April 17 - Proper Bike Fit with Georgena Terry
April 24 - Coyote; America's Songdog with Geri Vistein
Maine Bureau Of Parks And Lands
Ice Safety Bulletin
Hello from the Bureau of Parks and Lands,

With the fluctuating temperatures making it tricky to know if it is safe to enjoy recreational activities on the ice, we wanted to remind everyone to use extreme caution. Also, we have included below some expert tips from Matthew LaRoche, our Superintendent on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, and some tips and instructions from our colleagues at IF&W.

Click HERE for the full bulletin.
Remember the Leave No Trace Principles
  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Leave what you find.
  • Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
The Club has a few positions to fill. If you are interested in any, please email the Board. MOAC is an all-volunteer organization that works because of you.

KEEPER OF THE INVENTORY - MOAC has a supply of consumables we use for our various official get-togethers. We need someone to ride herd on this stuff and make sure we have enough when needed. Summerfest, Winterfest, those types of things. Plates/cups/silverware/etc. A history of previous events is provided as is the guidance of the last "Keeper."
Portland Trails, in front of the Quarry
Pleasant Mountain
Member Benefits and Discounts
Your annual dues do much more than just plug you into the greatest group of people Maine has to offer. Please check out the links below to see what else your membership does. The Board is always looking for new discounts and opportunities for members as well as to make sure the list is accurate. Please let the Board know if you find an error or want to suggest a possible addition.

Please login to MOAC first.

Other links of importance:

While MOAC no longer has an official chapter in Bangor, that doesn't change the fact MOAC is there. It would be great to have an official active group to serve Down East, and if you are interested in starting one back up, please email the Board.

The chapter in Bangor had monthly meetings just like Portland, held at Epic Sports.

Short of that, there is an email address and Message Board category to serve that purpose. The email address is: Please use both options to organize events in that area of the state.
Every day is an Adventure
Join us to find yours!
We are fortunate to be part of this organization MOAC. A diverse outdoors club that's been around since 1989 and welcomes newcomers of all ages and experience. If you're new or thinking about joining, please do. As an ALL-VOLUNTEER Club, our members organize and voluntarily lead all trips and activities from beginner to expert. From strenuous mountain hikes, or as part of the MOAC Trek Across Maine Team, to casual conversational-pace bike rides along the Eastern Trail, after-work city or beach walks or a gentle sail in Casco Bay, to overnight ocean kayaking paddle trips, weekend camping outings to Acadia, Baxter and one of the Maine Huts, MOAC members post their outdoor adventure ideas on their online calendar. “Join MOAC to challenge yourself, share your outdoor skills and meet other outdoor adventurers!”
Share Your Adventures
Get photos of your trip
in the newsletter or shown on the big screen at the
General Meeting

Email photos to

Email your trip
stories to
Contacting MOAC
207-775-MOAC (207-775-6622)
Or toll free at 1-888-553-0811
MOAC is a non-profit 501c7 organization serving the outdoor community in the state of Maine. As such the organization is governed by the following set of Bylaws.

Mission Statement

  • To facilitate the pursuit of amateur outdoor activities of all types for persons of all skill levels.
  • To provide a structure for public awareness (i.e. safety, conservation, and environmental awareness).
  • To provide an outlet for public service activities.
  • To provide a structure for social networking and community building. MOAC is and shall remain a non-affiliated organization