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Forever is composed of Nows
Emily Dickinson
Practising living in the Now takes mental discipline.
To harvest the freedom and bliss of meditation takes longterm commitment.
The obstacle most of us face is we are programmed to fix on instant results. Patience is a rare virtue and there are many external distractions that captivate our minds and cause us to give up. Returning to my daily practise was always the best solution when I felt stuck and overwhelmed.
How ever far you may have strayed form your center, health or peace, the best time to restart is NOW,
let's practice!!
coming up.......
11 am-12.15 pm
breathe, yoga, massage and color with your favorite person in the world

Mindful March Workshop
Saturday March
12.30-1.30 pm
f22.50 per class or f75 for package

Saturday March 7
Bliss of Being
The Fundamentals of Mindfulness
Learn why mindfulness is considered the 'seat belt' of mental health.
How to use mindfulness in daily life and as a formal practice
to transform stress into peace.

Saturday March 14
Loving Kindness : Restoring the Heart
This ancient practice is a true balm for the heart.
Cultivation of compassion for yourself and others is known to reduce anxiety, increase positive emotions and rejuvenate your entire system.

S aturday March 21
Gratitude : The Gateway to Abundance
Living in continuous wanting and needing numbs us from the everyday blessings.
Even in intense turmoil this practice is of great benefit.
The attitude of gratitude can lower depression and is known to be the great protector of happiness.

Saturday March 28
Death Awareness for Fulfilled Living
Moving beyond death denial and integrating the idea of death in our lives
greatly enhance our commitment to maximize life.
Learn various practices and tips to befriend death and
gain more peace, clarity and purpose.

* this session is 30 minutes longer

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In case you missed this powerful heart meditation technique
Align with your Heart's Natural Intuitive Power and Wisdom
Who needs coffee?
I am impressed how the healthiest of us need coffee to get going in the morning.
Discover what true life force energy is with this powerful breathing technique.
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