RCMA Presents Webinar on Requirements for Roof Coatings in the Florida Building Codes

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association hosted a webinar on February 21 to update members on the details of the Florida Building Code provisions affecting roof coatings. Presented by Mike Fischer, RCMA’s Director of Codes and Regulatory Compliance, the session was intended to inform the attendees on the Florida-specific issues for the industry.

While the State of Florida adopts the model codes developed by the International Code Council, the state does perform a thorough review of updates to the I-Codes (International Codes) to ensure that any code changes are related to a Florida-specific need. That process- taking place every three years as the I-Codes are published- results in a set of statewide construction codes that address key concerns about building performance, especially as the codes relate to structural design to meet stringent wind standards.

In addition to the Florida updates to the I-Codes, the state codes include provisions for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) in South Florida where the state has established even more stringent requirements for resistance to high wind events including tropical storms and hurricanes. The HVHZ provisions contain additional testing and durability standards above and beyond the state codes in effect elsewhere in Florida.

The code provisions for roof coatings include standards for wind resistance, fire resistance, weather protection, and energy efficiency requirements such as reflective (cool) roofing. Additionally, the Florida codes contain definitions and provisions for roof coatings as well as liquid applied roofing. Because most roofing, typically about 75%, takes place on existing buildings, the code contains definitions and requirements for roof repair, roof recover, and roof replacement.

RCMA members who have questions about the Florida codes can reach out to Mike directly at [email protected]. The RCMA webinar was recorded and is available for review by RCMA members. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the recording, please email [email protected].

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BOD Interview with Josh Poole

What is your industry background?

I've spent over 18 years on the manufacturer's side of the roofing industry enjoying a variety of roles that have included customer service, technical service, sales management, and product management. I’ve been in my current position as Product Manager of the liquid applied product line for Tremco Roofing since 2014.

Why is it important to serve on the RCMA Board of Directors?

Serving on the RCMA BOD offers the opportunity to work alongside industry peers and directly contribute to the initiatives of the association. The collective work carried out by the association and its membership is vital to preserving the continued growth and success of the roof coatings market.

What value does RCMA bring to the industry?

RCMA brings everyone together. This alone spurs so many benefits whether it is the platform to work together as a group toward a common goal, educating the membership on industry related topics, or providing networking opportunities. By being together and working together, we continue to improve together.

What do you like to do when you’re not immersed in Roof Coating?

Whatever adventures our two daughters (Aubrey & Brooklyn) have in store for my wife (Kelly) and I. When I’m not spending time with the family you can find me golfing or trying to survive another Cleveland sports season.

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