New Year Marketing Goals ...
February is a great time to reflect on what goals you have set for yourself and your business -- and assess what you have done to work toward accomplishing those goals.
Oh .. wait .. you didn't set any business goals?
Maybe in our quest to set personal goals like "live healthier and build better relationships", we forget these goals can can apply to our professional lives too!

I'd love to hear from you on what goals you have set forth for your business, and perhaps we can brainstorm on how I (or someone else in the community) could help.

Let's see how those sample "personal goals" can apply to your business ...

Just like our bodies, what you put into your business affects what we get out of it.
Make time to read trade publications, watch webinars, attend workshops or conferences, take time to better market your business, and find ways (big and small) in which you can improve your business health.

Relationships with your customers and the community are important to your business.
If you don't belong to a civic organization .. consider joining one! It's a great way to contribute to the community and help shape the future of Rockdale. Here are a few suggestions: Chamber of Commerce , Kay Theater Foundation , Lions Club , Rockdale PAWS , Rotary Club , or Rockdale Downtown Association . Many of these organizations would welcome new Board Members and Volunteers. I am sure you have talents an organization would greatly value!

In case you're wondering .. those were two of MY personal and professional goals!