Volume IIII | February 2020
Hello Tavon Community Members!
The days are getting a little longer and for me this reminds me that the auction is right around the corner. This is our biggest fundraiser and it's success allows us to continue to provide the quality programming that our members and families have come to expect. I hope you will join me in making this event the most successful yet. Here’s how you can help:
  1. Check out the Auction Item Wish List on Sign Up Genius you received in your email and sign up to donate an item.
  2. Want to give something that is not on the Wish List? Think about unique items such as products made by local artisans, B&B stays, local events, cook a themed dinner at your house…the possibilities are endless!
  3. Email your families and friends and let them know how Tavon has benefitted your family and invite them to the auction or ask them to make a donation in lieu of attending. 
  4. Ask a local business that you are connected to be an auction sponsor. 
  5. Donate a bottle of wine for the Tavon Family Wine Cellar.
  6. See the links below for the sponsorship flier and the procurement form.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all at the auction on May 9th. 


Therese's Tip: Did you know sponsors underwrite the auction? This means the more sponsors we have, the more proceeds can go directly to Tavon programming. Please contact local businesses for auction sponsorship. Click here for the sponsorship flier and click here for the procurement form!
A Note from Functional Academics
The functional academics program is dependent on computers and tablets for most of our members to fully participate to their full potential, whether through standard typing, augmented and adaptive communication software, electronic flashcards, tactile learning, etc etc. While we already have two fully functional laptops, our supply of iPads is, unfortunately, in sorry shape - they were donated to us several years ago and are of a discontinued and unsupported model, getting close to 8 years old now. Apple no longer provides iOS updates for these devices, meaning that we have been unable to update our software or download new ones, particularly in the AAC field.
If you have at least the fourth generation iPad minis or the fifth generation standard iPads you are willing to donate, please let us know!

Functional Academics

Note: We use the programs Proloquo2go and TouchChat. Therefore, the tablets  must  be iOS iPads, unfortunately, as the vast majority of AAC software is released only on that platform and nowhere else.
Daily Living Update: In Daily Living, we focus on one social skill a month. This month, we are focusing on telephone etiquette! Members will learn about appropriate calling and texting and also get the chance to visit the Apple store for a hands-on lesson on adaptable features.
Annual Dinner and Auction
Our Annual Dinner and Auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The proceeds from the auction allow us to continue to provide quality programming for our members.
We would like your help in any of the following:
  • Auction Sponsors: Next time you're out shopping at your favorite stores, would you be willing to ask if they want to be a business sponsor?
  • Wine Sponsor: Do you have a connection with a winery that would like to donate free or discounted wine for the auction?
  • Procurement Team Members: Would you be willing to help us ask for items to be donated?
  • Auction Items: Would you like to donate items to be auctioned?
If you said yes to any of the above questions, email or call Therese!
CLICK HERE for live list of item ideas!
Employee Highlight
Have you ever wondered who is behind Tavon's brilliant daily social media posts? It's none other than our own Samantha Schaubhut! Sam has been at Tavon for almost 3 1/2 years. She started as a Peer Coach and this year, moved into the role of Assistant Program Director, running our social media and website, as well as many other things. Sam has created a vibrant social media presence for Tavon, making posts that give a glimpse into the fun, learning, and community that takes place every day here. We are so thankful for all she does!

Member Highlight
Hans is a man of many hand-shakes and smiles. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and grocery shopping with the Tavon crew! When Hans is not helping out with Tavon closing duties or organizing office supplies, he enjoys watching YouTube on an IPad and stretching on a yoga mat. Hans has been such a wonderful part of our Tavon community, and we can't wait to see what he accomplishes this year!

Tavon Directory is here!!
Click Here to access the directory. Please check your email for the password.
Staffing Update!
We are looking to hire another part time Peer Coach for Monday-Friday afternoons. If you know of someone who would be a good fit to the Tavon Team, please let Holly know.

Connie, highlighted last month, has decided to work for Tavon part time. She will be here in the mornings, Monday-Friday!
Calendar of Events
Save the Date:

April 20 - Spring Fling Dance with Bridge of Promise, The Alyssa Burnett Center, and Bellevue Parks Department.

May 9- Tavon Learning Center’s Annual Dinner and Auction

Date TBD - Summer BBQ

September 13 - Fall Festival
The February Calendar is posted on the website under the members tab and under the parent/guardian tab.
If viewing on a phone, try turning your phone side ways. You can zoom in by putting two fingers together on the screen and then spreading your fingers apart.
You can also view the calendar here!
Featured Question
Q: What times should I schedule Access drop offs and pick ups?
A: Morning Arrival:  Schedule Access for NO EARLIER than 9:15 am arrival, our doors do not open until 8:45 am (Access can only drop off up to 30 minutes early)

Morning Pickup:  Either 12:30-1:00 or 12:45-1:15 pickup window--no later than 1:15 pickup.

Afternoon Drop Off:  Please schedule a 1:15 arrival time to ensure no earlier than 12:45 arrival (Access cannot drop off more than 30 minutes prior to scheduled arrival time)

Afternoon Pick-Up:  Either 4:15-4:45 or 4:30-5:00 pickup windows are fine. Tavon closes at 5:00 pm, so no pick ups can be scheduled for later than that.

Tavon Learning Center is in need of
Please consider donating either of these items or cash to fund them!
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