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Happy Monday! Thank you so much for your continued support of ONU and our mission. We wish to keep you informed on all the things happening with ONU. In this newsletter, we will be sharing with you an ONU Resource Partner, Veterans Success after Service, THE PLAYERS Birdies for Charity, and various ways you can help the ONU Mission. 

Eccentriq Development Solutions
Eccentriq Development Solutions have been an ONU Resource Partner for almost a year. Eccentriq is a veteran owned and operated business located in Fleming Island. Their commitment  towards ONU helps us grow while providing products and resources that make ONU stand out. Eccentriq has donated countless of products including a beautifully made podium, proud supporter lapel pins, and supporter t-shirts. 

The owner of Eccentriq, Jaime, is a 24 year U.S. Navy veteran. He believes that every veteran should be given opportunities to succeed and wants to give back any way he can. Jaime and the Eccentriq team truly believe in our mission and continue to spread the word of ONU through their own network.

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Success After Service
Always an I-10
Each cohort, ONU recognizes a veteran who is an "I-10", someone that shows an exemplary attitude and sets a good example for others in the cohort. Dax Bonnett was awarded the I-10 Award for Cohort 18. 
"ONU teaches veterans we can only perform in our changing roles in a manner consistent with how we value ourselves conceptually, defined as our "Identity".  I continually strive to use this training to maintain my "Identity" at a perfect ten!  I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all ONU supporters.  It is through their generosity ONU veterans are empowered to begin a new chapter in our continued service to this community. "
ONU Success Selfie
Cohort 21 Alumni, Vittorio, recently landed a fulfilling career at Lockheed Martin. Vittorio's Journey with ONU is sponsored by the Red Coats at THE PLAYERS, an ONU Silver Level Veteran Committed Company. 

"Now, I am way more confident talking about myself. ONU provided me with the mindset that I wasn't different since i was a 20-year veteran. I was reassured that I can fit in within a corporation. I am so grateful for this opporunity. The support and edication from each member of the Operation New Uniform team is unmatched. I really wish that every veteran was afforded the same opportunity"
-Vittorio, Cohort 21

Birdies for Charity

This year, Operation New Uniform is partnering with THE PLAYERS Birdies for Charity Program to further our impact in the veteran community. Donate $20 or more and get a chance to play! In the Additional Comment Section of your donation include your guess of how many birdies will be made throughout the THE PLAYERS Championship for a chance of winning $5,000 from the THE PLAYERS. Also, include how many balls you think will end up in the water at No.17 in the case of a tie.
How Can You Help Our Veterans?
Join the Brigade
Operation New Uniform has a monthly giving program that allows you to choose a level that works for you!   Learn more.

Talk to your Company
If you feel that your company is interested in giving veterans the confidence, community, and careers they deserve after military service.  Contact Us .

Attend our Events
Throughout the year we have fun networking events where you can meet the ONU Family.  Like our Facebook to stay updated.   Learn more.
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