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Thursday, FEBRUARY 27 

5:00 - 7:00 pm


Blue Room

Fairbanks Arts Association




Creating an Artist Book: Process


We missed getting together in January due to weather, so we'll have an extra-jam-packed meeting for February. The major topic of the evening remains PROCESS. We'll learn from Lois Henderson and Linda Adamson as each shares her process of how an idea combines the elements of structure, image and text to become a fully realized artist book. And we'll see how Kaiyuh Cornberg took the folds we learned in December and made from them something new and personal.
If YOU have something to present, please bring it to share! 
More topics of discussion:
BOOKS AS ART invitationals: poetry, music, vintage books
Launched! Northwoods Book Arts Guild's WEBSITE
WISH LIST for Paper Birches, our Guild Supply Store
AND, back by poplar demand...
another Guild order for WAXED LINEN
(be sure to bring a list of colors you want to order)  


Program fee: $5 (non-members)

Guild members: no charge




Now is the best time to join Northwoods Book Arts Guild! Memberships are $25 per calendar year, which includes program fees for attending all meetings throughout the year AND entry in the exhibition
BOOKS AS ART: Structure, Image. Text. Checks and cash accepted at the meeting, or join on line: 



BOOKS AS ART: Structure, Image, Text

Northwood's Exhibition in June 2014

Bear Gallery, Fairbanks Arts Association


You are invited to enter the show....   

Pick up a Prospectus at the meeting

Sign-up for one of the "invitational entries"

(special opportunities to enter the show)

NOTE: In-Take for the show is May 23-24 

 Questions? Ideas? Bring them to the meeting!



The Northwoods Book Arts Guild WEBSITE:



 Need bookmaking tools?

Visit If Only at 215 Cushman Street in downtown Fairbanks - there you will find teflon bone folders, bookmakers paste brushes, 

metal measuring edges, and more!



March Meeting:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 5:00 to 7:00pm

Note: this date does not follow our usual schedule of 

4th Thursday of the month 




See you at the meeting next Thursday-

Everyone is welcome!  

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