Volume 2 / Issue 2
February 2021
News & Update
Dolly Parton once said: " We cannot direct the wind but we sure can adjust the sails."
New Opportunities To Enjoy Online Bridge
Three ways to enjoy bridge online:
  • Relaxed RealBridge with audio and video
  • Sunday Social Bridge with friends
  • Virtual games on BBO

Reconnect with players and friends on a real face-to-face duplicate game !


Tuesdays at 9:45 am
Thursdays at 7:00 pm
The fee is $6.00 per person
and includes a 30 min board post-game analysis of 3 or 4 boards on Zoom

Enjoy 90 minute of fun, single table, social bridge with audio and visual.


Join the lobby with 3 friends Sunday at 7:00 pm.

The fee is $4.00 per person for 90 minutes of "kitchen" bridge.

If you would like to schedule a special time with friends, contact info@bridgeacademync.com

Open - M, W, F, at 12:30 pm
750 - M, W, F, at 12:45 pm
500 - Saturday at 1:30 pm*

´╗┐Saturday game is now followed by a free 30 min board analysis on Zoom

Learn and Play Mondays at 9:15 am

Join us for a mini-lesson followed by playing 6-8 boards with discussion after each board. The cost is $15 per person

Click to register in advance
February Quiz
You respond 1S.
Partner rebids 2H showing six hearts, 
And now it is your turn again. What action, if any, do you take with the following six hands?
S: AJ843
H: 4
D: KJ974 
C: 95 

S: A10832 
H: K104 
D: 2 
C: AQ93 
S: AJ932
H: Q7
D: K743
C: 98

S: AQJ1074 
H: 2 
D: A98 
C: 874
S: AQ87
H: 2
D: Q873
C: K843

S: J95432 
H: - 
D: A976 
C: Q65 
1.  Pass: 2S on a five card suit is out. 3D showing opening bid values is also out. What's left is the best bid in bridge, PASS! 
2.  3H: You have enough to invite. That HQ is a big card.  
3.  Pass: 11 HCP is enough to bid 2NT, but the singleton heart reduces the value of your hand a point or two. This could be wrong, but more often than not you will be right. 
4.  4D: A slam try splinter showing a singleton diamond, three card heart support, and slam invitational values. Perfect. 
5.  3S: Invitational. With one more spade and one less club, you should jump to 4S.
6. Pass:  Don't look for trouble with a likely misfit. There's always the next hand.