February 2021
News + Updates
Steve Wray has been named Senior Vice President and Principal at Econsult Solutions, Inc (ESI). Mr. Wray joined ESI in 2017 as a Director and was promoted to Vice President of Strategic Initiatives in 2019. He will continue to lead in the development of strategic initiatives for the firm, including new practice areas, partnerships and geographic expansion.
Upcoming Events and Sponsorships
Staff and Senior Advisor Updates
Rebecca DeJoseph was promoted to Director at ESI. She has demonstrated her ability to direct and manage projects, and we are excited to have her continue to excel in her new role.
Wilson Goode
Wilson Goode, Jr. will present at the Rebuild. Reenvision. Reform. webinar on Feb 23, hosted by the Center for Property Tax reform. Register here
Meg Gruwell was promoted to Senior Administrative Associate at ESI. We look forward to seeing her advance further. Congratulations!
Lee Huang spoke at the State of Hispanic Businesses in Philadelphia on Feb 3, hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Gina Lavery will present the CREW 2020 Benchmark Study: Gender and Diversity in Commercial Real Estate at a webinar on Feb 18. Register here
Joyce Lee's article on green tips for closed museum during COVID-19 has been cited in a United Nations General Assembly document. Read here
Jing Liu was promoted to Associate Director of ANBOUND and Asian Initiatives. She plays a crucial role in ESI’s growing international business.
Maud Lyon served on the search committee for the new Executive Director for the West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, also known as the Paul Robeson House.
Bernie Markstein was quoted in a ConstructionDive's article on the rising construction costs in US cities. Read here
Dick Voith wrote an article titled "Cities Will Adapt and National Economies that Nurture Cities Will Ascend" in PennIUR. Read here
Michael Pearson
Mike Pearson participated in the clinical trial to test Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more
We proudly announce 5 new members have joined our Senior Advisory board. Welcome Joyce Lee, Maud Lyon, Beth Miller, Rosalyn McPherson, and RoseAnn Rosenthal! Also, welcome Joyce Liu as our new intern!
News from the Lab
The pandemic has been a watershed event for the investment community, accelerating market shifts already in motion. Overnight, the world has become digital-first and socially minded, irrevocably transforming investor expectations and the industry's way of working. Over the next three years, the industry will be turned upside down, as some firms capitalize on market disruption and others stumble.

To help wealth management firms understand what these profound shifts will mean for their businesses, ESI ThoughtLab is conducting a pioneering multi-sponsor thought leadership research program, Wealth and Asset Management 4.0. The study will explore how COVID-19 will change investor perspectives and service provider strategies.
U.S. - China Research
The National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) has recently released the inflation-related data for December 2020 and the year. Both the CPI and PPI showed a turnaround trend from falling to rising, which aroused the market's concern about China's inflation.
Present Value
As the global pandemic challenged the world order and the US economy suffered its biggest blow since the Great Depression in Q2 2020, the housing market in the US and in Philadelphia briefly experienced a decline in spring due to the stay-at-home orders.
Cities are relying more on smart solutions to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which many cities around the world have incorporated into their urban planning. But cities need resources to fund these projects, and financing constraints are among the main obstacles to their initiatives cited by city leaders.
As we look hopefully and optimistically into the New Year, many of us in higher education continue to struggle with student engagement in a virtual environment. Students have grappled with unforeseen challenges that educators have been ill equipped or ill prepared to deal with.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a healthy, safe, and prosperous future for citizens has been a burning imperative for city leaders around the world. At the same time, the health crisis has raised the importance of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which many cities have adopted as a framework for achieving their objectives.
Client Spotlight
Our report shows Morgan State University generates $1.1 billion in annual financial impact on Maryland and $640 million within Baltimore. It reveals an 11.1% increase in statewide impact and an 11.5% increase in citywide impact since the university’s last commissioned study
The University Science Center will expand a new workforce development program for the biotech industry after landing a nearly $250,000 federal grant. Congratulations!
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