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February 2020 | Issue 6
Revealing the Champion in all of us...
Athlete's Corner with Billy Duquette
On January 11 2020 Patrick Delapp invited 20 local athletes to take part in a "Bash Boxing" session over in the Ballston section of Arlington, Virginia.

Some of the Athletes and Partners from the Area that took part were Patrick Delapp, Michael England, Abby Lacy from the Area 26 council, Andrew Leverdiere, Austin Ward, Matthew Sapeniza, Jaqui Callaway, Abdullahi Abubakar, Ameeruddin Malik, Juan Pablo Lopera, Vanna Delapp and me...
Before the start of the boxing class we prepared by getting wrapped up for protection.

The event itself was a VERY fun but grueling 45 minutes, mixing 6 minute intervals of warmup, stretching, learning punches and jabs and then punching the bag with combinations of hits, crosses and upper cuts. Then a short rest, and back at it.

After wearing us out, we finally had cool down. After the class was over, all of the athletes and coach Patrick got a group picture to remember the day.

Coach Patrick says they will be doing this again soon, so more of our athletes will get to try.

Talk to you next month,
February Featured Sports: Speedskating - Special Edition - the World Test
-by Jackie Choi
With support of the Erasmus and Programme of the European Union, Sweden will be hosting Sweden Invitational Games 2020 in Åre Östersund Feb 1-4, 2020.

The Sweden Invitational Game event will feature over 450 athletes from 19 different countries and 900 volunteers.

These athletes will be representing their countries in seven different sporting events (Floorball, Showshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Figure Skating, Short Track Speedskating, Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding)

Besides the sports, there are many activities planned for this event.

Opening Ceremony- will be held on Saturday Feb 1 st , 2020. The opening ceremony will take place outdoors

Youth Leadership Summit Host Town - Host town Experience will take place during the International Delegations’ first days in Sweden. Athletes will have chance to get to know more about Sweden’s nature and culture

Town Activities - Athletes will have a chance to tryout different sports such as showshoeing, Biathlon, Ice skating. They can also paint on snow and participate in other winter activities and games. 
Area Skaters Jay Choi and Robert Opiela are both participating in the Short Track Speedskating events.

Special Olympics Area 26 Ice Skating Program includes both figure skating and speedskating programs.
Ice skating Season starts in December through February in Mount Vernon RECenter

Participating athletes will have the chance to compete in local games and Speedskating Championship.
Coordinator: Jackie Choi
Season: November - March
Practice Location(s): Mount Vernon
Rec Center
Competition Locations: Various
2020 Polar Plunge #2 is imminent
The second and third Area plunges will be this month at the Virginia Beach plunge [Hilton Resort] on the 8th, and Prince William [Occoquan River] on February 22nd.

Please support our programs for 2020 so that we can continue to provide the diverse set of offerings in the future.

This fundrasier is our best chance of getting something good out of the winter chill!!

Sign up and get more information by clicking below. 50% of funds raised go directly to Area 26, and the other 50% funds athletes (including ours) across VA.
Basketball News...
January added two more tournaments after the Loudoun Invitational covered in last month's newsletter.

Area 26 venues hosted the Invitational and State Qualifier tournaments on the 12th and 19th respectively. 12 Area Traditional teams, 2 Half-Court Teams and 1 Unified Team will be advancing to Stafford in Early March for the State Games.

Here are some shots from the floor. Go to our website to see more...
PVI Clinic...
February 1st saw the very last Paul VI Basketball clinic at their current campus location in Fairfax.

17 teams from the area participated in a series of drills and practice exercises designed to improve their ball control, court awareness and shots.
During the closing ceremony, the organizers offered a minute of silence for NBA superstar Kobe Bryant as a tribute to his love and support of the game.
PVI plans on hosting a clinic (amongst other Area events) at their new campus location in Loudoun County starting next school year.

On behalf of the Council and the Area 26 Basketball Program we express thanks to all that the PVI coaches and athletes have done with their clinics and participation at their current location. We all look forward to enjoying the new location in the future.
Upcoming Events
Spring Sport Registration-open for many sports ... see the website
8 February - VA Beach Polar Plunge
22 February - Prince William Polar Plunge
23 February - Area 26 End-Of-Season Tournament
6-7 March SOVA State Basketball Championships
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