February 2020
We need interviewers!

Would you like to help us select the 2020 Switzer Fellows? 

Interviews will take place this May, in Oakland and Boston, and we have a small travel budget to assist fellows who live outside of those areas. The time commitment includes a few hours of advance reading, and interviews are scheduled from 8:30am-3:30pm, with a small group of interviewers staying a bit longer.

California interviews: Saturday, May 9, Oakland, CA
New England interviews: Saturday, May 16, Boston, MA

Please contact Erin by March 15th if you are interested. We will select interview teams that embody a diversity of backgrounds and areas of expertise.
Seeking conservation conundrums

For our spring newsletter this year, we are looking for stories from the network where the popular environmentally-friendly solution turned out to have real or potential consequences that forced deeper thinking to resolve. For example, the presence of PFAS in compostable food serviceware is leading to the (re-)adoption of metal lunch trays. 

Even conundrums you haven't found solutions for yet are welcome, especially if you are open to input from the network. Our newsletter is read by over 3,000 professional contacts, and the content ranks well in Google Search results long after publication, so the pieces are a great way to showcase our fellows' thought leadership. 

Please forward your stories to Lauren by March 15th.
New York City fellows' gathering
Support for regional or conference gatherings

Fellows in New York City gathered earlier this month, thanks to alum Mel Allen who took the initiative to invite other fellows in the area for drinks and snacks after work. Results included new friendships, seeds planted for a possible collaboration, and bonding and mutual support on career/workplace topics.

We strongly encourage fellows to do the same in your region or at an upcoming conference. The foundation can offer some assistance to cover the cost of a meal and/or beverages for groups of at least three fellows. Please contact Erin if you are interested in hosting a regional gathering or will be attending one of these upcoming conferences:

Climate Leadership Conference , March 4-6th, Detroit, MI
Association of American Geographers annual meeting, April 6-10th, Denver, CO
American Planning Association , April 25-28th, Houston, TX
River Rally , May 15-18th, San Antonio, TX
IUCN World Conservation Congress
, Marseille, France
Candice Youngblood: "Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is"

A Note by Candice Youngblood in UC Berkeley's Ecology Law Quarterly seeks to paint a picture of what working toward environmental justice should look like. The piece, entitled "Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is: Actualizing Environmental Justice by Amplifying Community Voices" posits that three key components are necessary to comprehensively achieve environmental justice: distributive justice, recognitional justice, and procedural justice. Often at least one is missing.

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Racist housing practices from the 1930s linked to hotter neighborhoods today

Morgan Grove co-authored a study that, together with other published work, was showcased on NPR. "Research on environmental justice has yet to really try to understand how systems are at work that may cause inequities," says Grove, a research scientist at the Forest Service's Baltimore Field Station. "There are these explanations that require understanding history to understand why we see what we see today in cities."

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Upcoming Events
Washington, DC, Alumni Dinner
Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 6:30 p.m.
Agora, 1527 17th Street NW, Washington, DC

Non-Violent Communications Workshop with John Kinyon
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 12:30 p.m. Eastern / 9:30 am Pacific
Online, open to all Switzer Fellows
Watch our website and your email for more information

2020 Switzer Fellowship interviews - California
Saturday, May 9, 2020
Center for Biological Diversity, 1212 Broadway, Oakland, CA
Contact Erin for more information, or to volunteer to interview.

2020 Switzer Fellowship interviews - New England
Saturday, May 16, 2020
Health Effects Institute, 75 Federal Street, Boston, MA
Contact Erin for more information, or to volunteer to interview.
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