February Newsletter 2018

Welcome Winter,

 Teachers have completed an observation of your child's growth and progress here at school.  They are excited to share information with you. Schedules for conference times are available for you to sign up in your child's classroom.


In the name of being green our school is planning to use less paper. Yea for all! So, beginning on March 1, 2018 you will receive your monthly tuition statement via email.  Payment schedules remain the same, bills sent by the first of the month and due to school on the 15th of the month.  Please support our efforts by answering the verify email question below so we are sure to reach you correctly.  Please be in touch with the school office if you have questions.  Thank you for your attention.

                                                   Verify email address for billing

When we open late, close early or are closed for the day listen to radio stations WQRC, COOL 102, WCOD, WXTK and TV channels 4, 7, and 56. We will also send out a constant contact email. We do not follow public school closing.


Watch Us Play and Learn
The Robins Nest welcomes new friends.

Brrrrr it's cold outside, The Bunny Den is keeping busy inside.
 Bunny Den News
                                        Sledding on the hill with the Bee Hive                 
                                                                  Bee Hive News
Polar Bears and snow slime in the Explorers.


                                  The Navigators investigate together.

                                  The Salt Box School
                        Please remember to sign up for Feb. Rec Week 20-23
                                                The Beacons mastering skills.                                    
                                The Lightkeepers enjoy PJ day and time together


Upcoming Events
Join us every Friday @9:30 for our weekly assembly
Campus Closed Monday, Feb. 19th

Please Turn off your car engine in our Parking lot.