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Here are some of our posts from February:
Feb 22: Do you have a kid who is graduating from a Grand County high school this year and wants to study or work in environmental conservation, land management, or a related field? Have them apply for our scholarship!
(Photo by Susan O. Herpel)
Feb 21: Our mission focuses on protecting the headwaters of one of the most recognized and important rivers in the American Southwest, so artwork and research about river systems in always in our wheelhouse!

Feb 18: Presidents Day remembers two of our most impactful and dedicated presidents. While both had fine words about the state of our country, neither spoke much about the natural world. In his 1862 State of the Union, President Lincoln spoke of the 'foreverness' of the land.
(Photo by Susan O. Herpel)
Feb 13: A hero of so many, Aldo Leopold drove conservation forward in the 20th century, influencing agriculture, government, and society through his teachings on wilderness conservation, holistic management, and community-based and science-focused action.
(Photo from CHLT archives)
Feb 07: Brand new folders! For informational packets for donors, prospective/new board members, and potential easement grantors.
The cover photo is one of our favorites, taken in 2017 at the Blue Ridge Ranch by Susan O. Herpel.
Feb 06: Wise words from T.S. Eliot: poet, playwrite, essayist, and social critic. Especially on days like today, with snow falling and wind whipping, we find the value of our lands not through their intrinsic beauty or even monetary worth, but through our interactions, struggles, and successes with them.
(Photo by Amanda Morrell)
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