Monthly news about Claudia Hafner Watercolor
The outdoor art show, Art on the Square in Delray Beach this weekend promises good weather. I'm in BOOTH 222, behind the Cornell Museum at Old School Square. I hope to see some of you there.

Unfortunately, the show in Boca Raton a week ago was a total washout. Three major shows that weekend that I know of were all washed out which means a lot of artists lost out. I'm glad that is behind me.

Several indoor group exhibits are in the works and the Exhibitions & Festivals page on my website will keep you updated.

I'm giving you a break and making this newsletter short and sweet this month.

Thanks for checking in and hope to see some of you around town.
Latest Painting
Painted as a companion piece to an earlier crane in flight.
Greeting Cards
Cards are now live on my website. Shipping is included in the $4 per card purchase which makes makes them very affordable. Supplies are limited and selections may change with new images becoming available and some becoming unavailable.
Large Format Prints
Large format prints are reproductions of my work, enlarged and printed on high quality paper behind 1/4" acrylic glass. These large-format prints are designed for large spaces and appear dimensional because of the thickness of the acrylic. The acrylic gives them a watery feel. Sleek with no need for frames.

Custom sizing is available which will be proportional to the original painting proportions. I can crop for special sizing needs (change a horizontal into a square for instance).

There is approximately a 2 week turnaround time.

Contact me with questions or special requests.
Reproduction Print 36x36"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Reproduction Print 40x40"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
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