February 2021
New Release: Case Studies Explore the Financial Impacts of COVID-19 on Small Community Water Systems in the U.S.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected small water systems disproportionately, jeopardizing both the financial health of the water systems and the public health and welfare of the people they serve. Among other effects, the financial hardships of the pandemic are leading to delays in capital projects and rate increases, which may have long term impacts on the ability of small systems to supply safe water to their customers.

Learn more and read the case studies from the Pacific Institute and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership here.
New Release: A Business Framework for Water and COVID-19: Rebuilding and Resilience
With economic rebuilding underway, businesses have a powerful opportunity to promote a resilient society that will meet both communities’ and companies’ needs over the long term. This second in the Pacific Institute’s Business Framework for Water and the COVID-19 Pandemic series continues to explore the role of businesses in a robust COVID-19 response, outlining how they can contribute to a “blue” economic recovery and help make society more resilient to future shocks.

Learn more and read the brief here.
Upcoming Webinar: How to Identify and Account for the Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions for Watersheds
Nature-based solutions use or mimic natural processes to meet societal and environmental needs. They can be used to restore, manage, or protect water resources while increasing biodiversity and providing other social and economic benefits. This webinar is the first in a three-part series on how to identify and account for the benefits of nature-based solutions.

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Update from the CEO Water Mandate: The Water Resilience Coalition's Profiles in Leadership
The Pacific Institute is Co-Secretariat of the CEO Water Mandate, a UN Global Compact initiative that mobilizes business leaders on water, sanitation, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
The Water Resilience Coalition (WRC), an industry-driven, CEO-led initiative of the CEO Water Mandate, launched a new series in January called Profiles in Leadership. The series aims to explore what the WRC’s founding companies and new participants alike are learning from this challenging year to prepare for a more resilient future — and help fulfill Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation for all. 
Read the first installmenhere
Marielle Martiney Joins Pacific Institute Board of Directors

The Pacific Institute is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its board, Marielle Villar Martiney, an organizational strategist, community advocate, and equitable environmental policy enthusiast. “The board is delighted to welcome Marielle,” says Board Chair Tony Stayner. “She brings a passion for water politics and policy, a dedication to social justice, and experience in strategic communications. We’re looking forward to benefiting from her expertise in the coming years.”

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Meet Our Communications Intern Domingo Cortinez
Domingo Cortinez joined the Pacific Institute as a communications intern in early 2021. He tracks and promotes the Pacific Institute’s work through analytics, website content, and targeted outreach. He says he is excited to join the Pacific Institute because “water issues tend to be overlooked at times and the Pacific Institute strives to bring to light the importance of finding solutions to water challenges.” As a communications intern, Domingo says he looks forward to helping to highlight these solutions.

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Blog Post: California’s Water Futures Market: Explained
By Senior Researcher Cora Kammeyer 
A recently launched water futures market in California drew global attention, from Wall Street to the United Nations. While news of the market has brought both skepticism and speculation, much of the coverage has failed to address some fundamental questions: what exactly is a water futures market? How does it work, and who are the players? And most importantly, what are the potential benefits and risks?
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The Pacific Institute is Hiring!
Join our team dedicated to creating and advancing solutions to the world's most pressing water challenges.

A collaborative, impact-focused self-starter to lead work that supports efforts to advance water sustainability and resilience in the United States and around the world, with an explicit focus on water-related challenges faced by and solutions for the most vulnerable communities.

A high-caliber corporate water stewardship professional to lead the Pacific Institute and CEO Water Mandate’s technical work program on corporate water stewardship and support the technical work underpinning the CEO Water Mandate’s flagship initiative, the Water Resilience Coalition.

A creative all-round communications and events professional with experience in corporate, United Nations, or non-profit communications to lead communications and events work for the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate, which the Pacific Institute serves as co-secretariat for.
Upcoming Events: February and March 2021
Feb 25 I President Emeritus Dr. Peter Gleick will give a talk on "The Science of Climate Change" to the Yale Club of Rhode Island.

March 4 I Senior Researcher Dr. Gregg Brill will present at the webinar "How to Identify and Account for the Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions for Watersheds" from the United Nations Global Compact CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Danone, and LimnoTech.

March 15-25 I Senior Researcher Cora Kammeyer will moderate a panel discussion on “The Potential of Onsite Non-Potable Reuse in Silicon Valley and Beyond" at the WateReuse Symposium.

March 22 I Dr. Gleick will give a talk on "The Future of Water" on World Water Day for the "Big Splash" event hosted by the UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and the University's new Institute of Global Innovation.

March 20-21 I Dr. Gleick will give a talk about the global water crisis at The Council for the Human Future’s conference "Delivering the Human Future."
From the Blog: Pacific Institute Insights
Pacific Institute in the News
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The Revelator: Stormwater Could Become an Important Water Source — If We Stopped Ignoring It

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