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Community Collaboration - New Board Member - Winter Shelter - Volunteer of the Month - More . . .
Collaborative Support
Lionel Grassi of Riverbend
Lionel in his pandemic disguise!
Meet Lionel Grassi of Riverbend, who comes to the Resource Center weekly, and has served on the Board of Directors of CCEH as well. Here are his words:
My work with the resource center came about because of the need within the community. This connection was initiated by the agency I work for, Riverbend Community Mental Health - Choices Addiction Services program, and Angela Spinney, Program Director at CCEH. This collaboration has granted me the ability to do outreach work and to act as a liaison between Riverbend, the Homeless Resource Center and the community. I am able to work with those in the local community who are under-served and facing homelessness. I provide individual and group support. I make valuable connections with those who I serve and this allows me the ability to provide resources, make referrals, and help people get access to the care and services that they need and want. Sometimes I just provide a listening ear and a caring heart so as to build up trust and relationships with community members. My community outreach efforts help me to stay connected to the community, and to give back. It also allows me to help people to potentially escape homelessness, substance misuse or other barriers that they are facing. THANK YOU, LIONEL, FOR ALL YOU DO!
More Collaboration
This AWESOME Outreach Team heads out to camps and into town to contact those in need of services.
L-R: Owen, Outreach Worker for the Community Action Program Homeless Street Outreach;
Connor, CCEH Outreach Services Coordinator;
Liz - NH Harm Reduction Coalition - she is at the Resource Center weekly, meeting with guests, making referrals, and providing support services.
And More!

Our newest Intern, Carly, comes to us from Plymouth State University. She works at the Concord Homeless Resource Center and assists with daily functions there, as well as learning about Case Management and Data Retention. Carly is adored by the guests! We hope she is getting as much out of the internship as we are from having her with us!
New Board Member
Jay Schumacher
Jay Schumacher joined the CCEH Board of Directors on January 25. We are excited to welcome him!
Jay has been on our Finance Committee since last June. He is active with Granite United Way on the Community Impact and Grant Review committees since 2016, and enjoys contributing time to both of these well-structured community organizations.  When asked about what motivates him to work with CCEH, Jay responded, “I was initially introduced to CCEH through my employer Lincoln Financial Group in 2011, and our participation in the annual Day of Caring events several years ago. Since that time my participation with various community organizations has been personally rewarding. I recently joined the CCEH Finance Committee and have enjoyed working with the members and better understanding the associated challenges of CCEH. As I have been getting to know more about the organization and the people involved, I would like to offer additional assistance to help further the mission outcomes.” Jay and his family are residents of Concord since 2013. They enjoy the Concord community, in particular the Parks & Recreation offerings and the arts, as well as our city’s overall family-friendliness.
The Emergency Winter Shelter has been open since December 1. It is usually at or near its capacity of 40 guests a night.
Volunteers are still needed for sign-in and sign-out times! No overnights.
To volunteer, please click HERE - We NEED you!!
We have 2 paid staff on duty over night. We are continuing to do COVID screenings at the door (temperature and symptom check), everyone must wear a mask when not in their bunk, and we have rapid tests on-site for anyone who has a fever or other COVID symptoms.
It is so wonderful to be able to offer a warm, dry space for those in need to sleep in safety.

In early February CCEH made use of our Isolation Shelter for the first time for two guests who tested positive, and who had only mild symptoms. The Isolation Shelter is located in the Winter Shelter building that CCEH built in 2018, behind the Tom Fredenburg House, It is monitored remotely from the Tom Fredenburg House with the use of cameras to keep the staff safe. The Friendly Kitchen graciously provides meals. We are so grateful for the people who signed up specifically to staff this Isolation Shelter - you are making it possible for us to keep everyone safe!
The Concord Homeless Resource Center continues to serve our guests daily, seeing about 60 people a day. We offer caseworker support and coffee, showers and a mailing address, connections with other service providers, and a warm, dry, safe and friendly space to be during the day.
This is Steve Hamel from Anthem BC/BS. Each month he brings snacks, a big smile and benefits assistance for our guests, helping them apply for healthcare coverage.
The Resource Center held a “Dream Home” gingerbread house competition and the winner was . . . DYLAN!! Congrats to Dylan on winning a pair of penguin socks!!!

Dylan shown here with his sidekick, David.

Introducing Mary Therese, Volunteer of the Month!
Mary Therese Schelble has a LOOONG history with CCEH. Way back in the day, when CCEH had barely begun, she attended a talk at the Concord Public Library and learned about the issue of homelessness in our community. When the winter shelters at the churches opened that year she volunteered. Then, in 2011, Mary Therese retired and she began to volunteer at the Resource Center, then housed at a building owned by South Church. Mary Therese helped with the coffee and snacks, the mail, cleaning bathrooms and floors . . .
Her memory is of people who needed help navigating their lives getting the assistance they needed. And of being told by the Director, "They're so happy you're talking to them!" Now she is beginning her 11th year of volunteering at the Resource Center!

She still does coffee and snacks and mail. She finds that greeting a person by NAME makes them very happy! What makes Mary Therese sad is that some of our guests are the same people she knew from her years volunteering at the shelters, over a decade ago. Maybe she should be our volunteer of the DECADE! She believes in showing kindness and respect towards ALL people and says, "I only stay around because it gives me joy."

We are proud to claim such a long time volunteer as
Volunteer of the Month! THANK YOU, MARY THERESE!!!
A guest of the Resource Center worked very hard to apply for a housing voucher and to find an apartment. Her tiny studio apartment needed something that could serve as both a couch and a bed. Soaring Wings Ministries donated a $250.00 gift card and CCEH staff were able to buy a futon as well as a pillow, small table, mattress topper, and a mop! Staff delivered and set it up for her.
Thank you Soaring Wings Ministries!

NH Foodbank collaboration! 
We got a over 1,000 lbs of food from the NH Foodbank last month, and 5,747 lbs. in the past year, to keep our guests' bellies full.
This month the staff did the pick up during a snow storm! Our staff are the BEST! 

THANKS to all the shoppers at the Concord Food Co-op who chose to "Round-It-Up at the Register" during January in support of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness!! With the total amount of $1,401.92 you are helping us to HOUSE people!

Womenade of Concord has recently approved TWO requests for assistance for clients, and in record time! One was for a transmission repair for an unhoused client, and the other for another client who needed vehicle repairs in order to pass inspection. What wonderful assistance for those who have benefited from this!
We can't thank you enough, Womenade of Concord
NHTI-Concord's Community College recently did a clothing drive - (a whole car load!) - organized by one of our guests. Brian attends NHTI and has been living in a dorm for a couple of years. He now has a housing voucher from New Hampshire Housing - Yay Brian! He is doing so well and giving back. A true hero.
In the photo, L-R are Cam Ealy of CCEH; Brian, student at NHTI; and Kaitlyn Moody, Director of Student life at NHTI, who assisted with the drive.
THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! To those who organized this and to those who donated!

Empire Beauty School in Hooksett donated two VERY full car loads of clothing, boots, etc. to the Resource Center. In addition they made a cash donation we can use for needed things such as gas cards. Woohoo! MANY thanks to Empire!
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CCEH could do nothing without YOU, as well as major support from the Arches of Support below, and so many others. Thank you!