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New Mexico Fashion Week Albuquerque News
KCFW Meeting Affirms NMFWQ Efforts
LtoR: Phil Willoughby, Meredith Lockhart, Melissa Lea Beasley, Teisha Barber

Back in November 2014, New Mexico Fashion Week Albuquerque Executive Director Melissa Lea Beasley and NMFWQ Board Member Meredith Lockhart met with Kansas City Fashion Week's President Teisha Barber and Phil Willoughby in Kansas City, KS. The four discussed various aspects of producing a successful fashion week by tapping into the unique demands of each region's specific needs. "We shared many great ideas, and I walked away from the meeting feeling good in knowing we are on the right track when it comes to fulfilling the vision of NMFWQ and the needs of those involved," Melissa concluded following the meeting.
Fashion Conference @ NMFWQ2015
An exciting lineup of speakers and topics has unfolded for this year's event! With topics from personal style to professional marketing, there will be something for everyone! With a time allotment at the end of each speaker's presentation for discussion on the topic, be sure to bring your questions and thoughts to NMFWQ2015. The Fashion Conference takes place over March 28th and 29th, at the Albuquerque Convention Center. For details, visit our website!
Major Cable TV Network to Film Episode of Upcoming New Series @ NMFWQ2015
A new cable network style show, with special celebrity guests, will be filming for broadcast at NMFWQ2015 runway show Saturday evening.  Producers are keeping details hush-hush at the moment, but we can tell you there will be an open casting call for designers, models, stylists, and others involved who make the magic on the runway come alive.  "We are thrilled about this addition to what has quickly become a very packed schedule of events," says NMFWQ volunteer Heather Kleinschmidt. "We can't wait to fill everyone in on all the details!" Look forward to more information in next month's edition.
NMFWQ2015 Model Calls and Camps
The First of Three Model Camps draws over 70 Models
NMFWQ2015's first model camp, held at Aveda Institute New Mexico, brought in more than 70 models. A NMFWQ2015 sponsor, Aveda is teaming up with NMFWQ to host and assist in teaching  the two remaining model camps leading up to this year's event. NMFWQ2015 wants to see beginning, moderate, and professional level models at the model camps. If you are thinking of being a model at this year's NMFWQ, be sure to attend both of these mandatory model camps at Aveda Institute, February 22nd and March 8th, 1pm-4pm both days. 
Zelda Quintana, Model Coordinator, advises all models to continue their education. "We all have something new to learn on the Runway," she says. "More importantly, we need to get all of your current statistics entered into our database, get you photographed, and matched up with designers." 
Categories: Women, Plus Size, Men, Juniors, and Children. 
Requested Attire: Women/Girls: Fitted white top, black fitted leggings, hair pulled back, natural make-up, and heels. Men/Boys: Fitted white top, black pants, dark dress shoes.       
Aveda Institute NM is located at 1816 Central Avenue Southwest, Albuquerque, NM 87104, (505) 294-5333.  Be sure to LIKE New Mexico Fashion Week Facebook page to stay updated.  You may also contact Abq Apparel Center / NM Fashion Week Model Coordinator, Zelda: zeldapromo@yahoo.com, or visit the website to find out more.
Albuquerque Apparel Center News
AAC Team Attends NM Wedding Expo
The Albuquerque Apparel Center team was out in force at the NM Wedding Expo on January 24th 2015. The AAC attended the Expo, the largest of its kind in New Mexico, to promote NMFWQ2015.


"Attending the NM Wedding Expo was a great opportunity for us to connect with local businesses in our industry. It was very cool to see that so many people we talked to were excited about what the AAC and NMFWQ are doing," said Darian DeCora, a volunteer at the event. "Vendors we spoke with were especially excited about NMFashionInfo.com. They loved the idea of a database with all fashion-related things in one place."

Following the expo, another volunteer stated, "It was important for us to be at the expo with a vendor booth, and see things from the vendor's point of view. This will help us in the future to give our NMFWQ vendors the best possible experience!"
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NMFashionInfo.com makes it easy to locate fashion related businesses, products, services, supplies, clubs, and events throughout the Land of Enchantment. Please visit NMFashionInfo.com for more information.

Fashion As Art, the Dress Sculpture Competition
Application Deadline Approaches for Avant Garde Dress Competition
Click the Image for more information about Fashion As Art, the Dress Sculpture Competition
February 2015

Upcoming Events
February 11th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Volunteer Meeting: Volunteers Needed in Various Areas

February 22nd, 1:00pm to 4:00pm

February 26th, 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Volunteer Meeting: Social Media
w/ Nick Gerlich.  AAC Office.

March 8th, 1:00pm to 4:00pm

March 25th-29th
New Mexico Fashion Week 2015
Featured NMFWQ Team Member
Michele DeCora: Director of Fundraising, Volunteer Coordinator
Here's a little appreciation for one of the NMFWQ team members! 
Michele DeCora
Michele DeCora joined the team in 2014, after attending a volunteer meeting in the fall. Whether she's fulfilling her duties as Volunteer Coordinator or hitting the pavement with Executive Director Melissa Lea to pair up local businesses with opportunities at NMFWQ2015, she is always enthusiastic and excited to lend her fundraising expertise in any way she can. "We are so thankful to have Michele as part of our core team," says Melissa Lea. "Thank you for all that you do!" Want to get to know more of the team? Click here.
Upcoming Deadlines
February 14th, midnight
Fashion As Art application

March 25th
Last day to purchase tickets for NMFWQ2015 online
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Our group on Meetup.com, Stepping Out In Style, now with almost 170 members (referred to as Well Dressers), invites you to put on your best fashions and join us at our next Meetup. 
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