Malidoma's Pen:
2017 Fire Year
Part II


     In continuing the discourse about Fire, we acknowledge that the power of fire must be aimed toward something through focused intention, or fire becomes misaligned in the psyche and in society.  For example, a person who constantly attracts or makes trouble has his or her fire misaligned.  Correction of the person's behavior would have to be ritualistic, that is, it would take place in a ritual . . . When the tension produced by fire is not focused, it produces an extreme and often destructive tension in the world.  When the fire within a person produces only fire in the world around them, the result is most often violence or death.

     The fiery temperament of the world and particularly the West has resulted in a great deal of spilling blood, both symbolic and literal.  Indigenous people see the death that results from war or accident as sacrifices to fire, just as the animal killed in the hunt was offered to the fire as sacrifice.  But the engine of fire in the West appears, to indigenous people, to be the technological machine, which consumes nature around the world.  Villagers see the fire of technology consuming both through its speed and through the capitalist accumulation of land and rape of natural resources.

     From an indigenous point of view, Westerners are sacrificing much to fires that rage out of control.  Just as fire consumes everything in its path, so consumers in the West sacrifice the life of Spirit for an endless pursuit of material goods.  Material consumption does not provide care for the soul.  It is as if misaligned inner fire is encouraged and supported in modern culture, something necessary to boost production and consumption.  When adequately programmed through advertising and the media, people want to accumulate items because such items are regarded as an opportunity for fulfillment.  Driven by an internal fire that cannot be quenched, the modern consumer is like a greyhound racing for fulfillment.  The goal becomes not so much to reach a destination as to stay in your lane and keep running.  When this inner fire is not connected to its source, it drives people to race endlessly after things that do not matter.

     For this reason---the fact that fire can become so easily misaligned---I have hesitated before outlining for Westerners how to do fire rituals.  From the point of view of my people, the growth, expansion, and progress by which the modern world measures success is a conflagration, a fire burning out of control and consuming everything it touches.  

     It is essential that the modern world stop burning itself and the rest of the planet, and to learn to see beyond the notion of fire that can only consume, to see the aspects of fire that can lead to transformation, healing, and a renewed connection to the world of the ancestors and Spirit that holds our purpose.

     To begin making their peace with fire, Westerners must notice the common symptoms of fire in their milieu.  In the modern world, being out of alignment with fire translates into pollution of one sort or another.  It is as if to be civilized, one must infect the air, leak oil into the waters, and seek to move faster today than we did yesterday.  Once we understand this as symptomatic of a state of disconnection, then it becomes possible to seek reconnection and reconciliation with the past.  Changing our intentions from consumption, as an out-of-control fire, to connection, like a fire that warms and soothes, will bring fire in Western culture under control to a very great extent.

     It is reconciling oneself with the past---or, as the Dagara would say, with the ancestors---that brings the inner fire into alignment.  The work of grieving is an important part of reconciling with the past, and for that reason I suggest water rituals precede fire rituals in the West.  

    The work of building relationships in community also contributes to the taming of fire, for in order to have healthy relationships, one must have made peace with the past.  One must also tame the inner fire simply in order to live in community, for close relationships breed friction that would rage out of control if the friends or partners had not done a great deal of work with their psyches.

     When an individual is not in alignment with fire, there is chaos and contradiction in that person's behavior patterns.  There is a tendency to be fearful of fire, yet there is an almost irresistible attraction to fire.  This confusion comes from a lack of harmony between the fires that burn within the person and the way that this fiery energy is expressed and manifested in the outer world.  A fire ritual can allow us to experience the positive energies of fire without this chaos and fear.

     In a fire ritual, one takes a good look at the intensity of the Other World.  In the world of magic, heat opens doors.  I remember times in the course of initiation rituals when the heat alone would rise to the point where it would open a window into the Other World, and one would glimpse spirit beings.  At those times I was able to see and also to understand, what tribal wisdom means when it declares that divine or ancestral heat comes to us from below, not from above.  It was easy to see why god cannot be above the clouds; god is here underneath our feet.  The opening was of the earth, not of the sky.  The faces that appeared in the heat were ancestral faces peeking into this world.

     The heat of the fire ritual also reminds us that heat is the circulation of energy.  Life is manifested only when energy can circulate.  The Dagara language uses the same word di (pronounced "dee") to mean "burn," "consume" and "eat."  The connection is not, however, about destruction, but about transformation.  Any person who goes through a fire ritual involves himself with transformation and change.

    Fire must be redefined to become an instrument that offers the possibility of connection, and fire rituals must be seen within this context, where they help renew and strengthen one's relationship with the past, present and future. One cannot maintain this focus without discovering in it the active role of the ancestors in one's life and becoming as clear as possible about their own purpose. Ashe.

-Malidoma Somé

                     -artwork by Craig Tracy

Medicine from the Fire

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, 
man will have discovered fire." 

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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