As the new year begins, you will find many arts educators traveling across the roads of Iowa with their students to attend one of a variety of competitions. Although weather has put the brakes on some travel, jazz bands, speech students and show choir members have been having the chance to shine in their competitions.

Saturday, January 25th kicked off the 2020 speech season with IHSSA Large Group District contests taking place across the state. The Show Choir season started with many competitions being cancelled or delayed in early January but students are well on their way through their seasons now with more to come in February.

Other upcoming events include Jazz Band Competitions, Mock Trial and Individual Speech and Forensics. All of these events take hours of practice and guidance by arts educators as they extend their instruction beyond the classroom. They also take support from school districts and parents who help to make these events happen. The benefits of these opportunities last a lifetime and create wonderful memories for Iowa students.