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February, 2017
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"I paint the picture to find out what it looks like."

Pablo Picasso

Wow!  This has been a winter for the record books in some places. Whether you're on the West Coast or the Prairies, we've all had snow drifts and shoveling to contend with. The good news is the ground hog didn't see his shadow, so we should be in for an early spring.

Whatever the weather, we've got a number of events lined up for the next few months, including a February webinar, a Vancouver Island portfolio event, Renewals and Insights Discovery Accreditations and more.  If you haven't got a copy of our upcoming practitioner events, the 2017 calendar is available for download.

So we invite you to put down the snow shovel, top up that mug and take five to catch up on the latest news and events from Insights Learning and Development.
Vancouver Island Face-to-Face Portfolio Experience

Discovering Team Effectiveness Practitioner Event

A face-to-face Portfolio Experience for Insights Discovery Client Practitioners on Vancouver Island.

Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Model
Friday, April 28th

Develop the confidence and competence to deliver Discovering Team Effectiveness sessions within your own organization.

We know getting over to our training centre in Vancouver isn't always an option, and Practitioner Development is important to us.  So this year, we're undertaking live training events on Vancouver Island in association with some of our clients.  This event will be hosted by the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services at their training facility in Victoria.  In exchange for their use of this facility, we're providing complimentary attendance for their Client Practitioners - and you don't have to leave the island to get this great face-to-face portfolio event.  Join Client Relationship Director Deborah Lang on April 28th for this full day experience.

Each participant will receive a Discovering Team Effectiveness Workshop Journal as well as Facilitator and Coach Notes and PowerPoint slide deck. 

Part experience and part instruction, this full day event will expand and strengthen your ability to deliver powerful Team Effectiveness learning events within your organization.

Friday, April 28th 8:30 - 4:00 PM
Ministry Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services
4000 Seymour Place, Victoria
Room E155 Presentation Room
Cost: $99.00 + GST includes all materials

Space is limited so register today!

Click here to register for this event.
CalendarSave the dates!
2017 Practitioner Events Calendar 

We've tweaked some of our upcoming practitioner education events and updated our 2017 Practitioner Calendar.  You can   download a copy of our calendar here and see what we have planned in the way of Face-to-Face (F2F) events, webinars, virtual cracker barrel sessions, networking events, Insights Discovery Accreditations and Client Practitioner renewals. Take a few moments now to add the dates to your calendar, and you won't miss any of these learning and sharing opportunities.  Remember, all Face-to-Face events, including IDA sessions and Renewals will run from 8:30 to 4:30 local time.  Webinars are scheduled for 12:30 to 1:15 Mountain time or 11:30 to 12:15 Pacific.  Our Connecting Practitioner events are scheduled for 4:30 to 6:30 PM local time. 

The Virtual Cracker Barrel sessions are pre-recorded and Practitioners will receive a link to these via email when they're released.

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please  contact our office. 
Webinar Exploring Leading Teams 

Friday, February 17th

Explore a client program designed specifically to help leaders develop awareness, knowledge and some practical tips to improve their ability in 'leading teams' using the Team Effectiveness framework.

This session will be hosted by Insight's Cathy Anderson and Dan Lytle, Client Practitioner with Alberta Health Services.  The webinar will run from 11:30 - 12:15 PST/ 12:30-1:15 MST.

To register for this session, or other upcoming webinars, please visit this link.
Registrants will receive a link to the webinar a few days prior to the event.  All webinars will be recorded for those unable to attend the live event.
Grasp a growth mindset      

This is not news, but it's safe to say that with the global and political landscape constantly shifting, we are all going to face a lot of change. Maybe it's at home, or work, or a change in what you do and how you do it.  We'll all face upheaval in the status quo, and we'll need to adapt in order to survive. 

Fay Younger, Learning Consultant for Global Clients with Insights, offers a few thoughts on how we can not only survive the changes and challenges we know we'll face - but actually thrive in the experience.  She offers her ideas here.

Upcoming Events 
Discoverylogowithglobe Insights Discovery Accreditation
Calgary - Apr. 25-28, (Tuesday-Friday)
Vancouver - May 2-5  (Tuesday-Friday)
Toronto - Sept. 26-29 (Tuesday-Friday)
Calgary - Oct. 23-26 (Monday-Thursday)
Vancouver - Nov. 28-Dec. 1 (Tuesday-Friday) 

There are now over 30 public and internal Accreditations every year across North America, which demonstrates how many organizations are choosing to bring Insights Discovery 'in house'.  In Western Canada, we always end up with a waiting list for IDA sessions, so if you're considering attending an IDA in a city near you, don't hesitate.
Full details and registration information is located here.

CP Renewals 
A one-day interactive session for Insights Discovery Client Practitioners committed to keeping their learning alive. Renewals extend your Insights Discovery certification for another two years.  While each program is adjusted to meet the needs of the registered participants, a typical day addresses questions such as:
  • What exercises can I use to reinforce key messages in a personal effectiveness workshop?
  • What do I need to remember when debriefing an individual's Insights Discovery Profile?
  • How can I apply other chapters in the Insights Discovery Profile?
  • What is common, and different, as you transition from an introductory workshop to Discovering Team Effectiveness or Discovering Leadership Effectiveness?
  • What's the difference between an integrated Insights learning strategy and single event workshops?
  • What new resources might fit with the needs in my organization?
Calgary - Thursday, March 16th.
Vancouver - Thursday, March 23rd.
Regina - Tuesday, May 16th.
Calgary - Thursday, September 14th.
Vancouver - Wednesday, October 18th.

More details and registration links are located here.

What does it take to act differently to get results?  The Harvard Business Review has some thoughts in 9 Things Successful People do Differently.

Signal vs. Noise: Restoring Sanity to the Office.. How over-collaboration and excessive real-time communication/chat are destroying our work days.
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Dale Nelson, 
Insights Learning and Development