February 2019
We're all familiar with Valentine's Day being a special day in this second month of the year, but how many other 'celebration' days can you think of? February is actually a pretty busy month overall. Groundhog Day, Safer Internet Day, Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig), Investors Day, National Clean Out Your Computer Day, Presidents Day (for our US friends), Love Your Pet Day (the 20th), and National Pancake Day (the 28th). With all this going on, it's hard to imagine any work being done.

We're ramping up for Insights Accreditation sessions in Calgary and Moncton next month, as well as a four-day session in Montreal delivered in French. If you haven't registered yet for these, you'd better hurry.
We've also confirmed Renewal dates for Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver and will have other cities scheduled shortly.

For now, we invite you to take five and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Learning and Development. (It may be the only down-time you'll find during this short-but-hectic month)
Thriving through Change On-demand webinar
Given the constantly shifting landscape, change is starting to become much less of a phenomenon and more of a quietly constant undercurrent to all our working lives. These changes can be anything from company mergers and acquisitions to a change of leader, or changes to the work environment or team.

Often not enough focus is put on how everyone processes change differently, which is an oversight. Whether people in an organization are on board with a change can make the difference between success and failure.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we'll cover:
  • Change is constant - why is it important that people are on board?
  • Taking into account the human element of change management
  • How people process and respond to change differently 
  • Why understanding others can make the change process easier to manage 
  • What you can do to prepare people for change and encourage a positive, resilient mindset
  • How Insights can help with all of the above
Upcoming Events
Insights Discovery Accreditations

Calgary - March 11-14
Moncton - March 18-21
Montreal - March 26-29 (in French)
Toronto - April 9-12
Vancouver - May 13-16

Become accredited to work with Insights Discovery in your own organization and learn how to empower your colleagues to fulfill their potential while transforming your company culture and performance. 

Insights Discovery Accreditation events are scheduled in Canada on the dates shown above.
There are a limited number of spaces available, so don't wait. Most sessions are sold-out weeks in advance.

Practitioner Renewals
We're still firming up dates for Renewal sessions in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Atlantic Canada and hope to have more details in next month's newsletter. For now, here are confirmed dates to consider.

Toronto - March 27
Victoria - April 02
Vancouver - April 11

Renewal is required by all Insights Discovery Practitioners two years from your date of Accreditation to ensure you have the most current information and all the latest tools and exercises.

We're finalizing dates for 2019 and will post them shortly. If you want to learn more about Insights Renewals, contact your Client Relationship Director to start the conversation.
Watch for it
Since bringing all the Canadian offices together into one business unit last year, we've been working behind the scenes to finalize a new 'Canada-wide' website. Teaming up with our team mates in the UK, we're nearing the finish line of a truly Canadian website which means information and events in both official languages (and perhaps the odd 'eh' on a page or two).
When we're sure we've got things all prettied up, we'll invite you to take a look. Watch for an announcement soon.
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An interesting exploration of Jung's idea of synchronicity

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