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During their annual meeting in Florida, Oldcastle Precast partnered with Soldier's Angels to help make the lives of our heroes better during their time at the Orlando VA Medical Center. Soldiers' Angels provides aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, their families, and a growing veteran population. Click this Flickr link for more photos.  

Camera mounted warning system
  • As the largest hot-mix asphalt producer and asphalt paving contractor in the U.S., Oldcastle Materials has about one-third of its workforce out in the field dedicated to roadway projects.
  • Oldcastle implements a variety of best practices that go beyond rules and regulations to maintain and maximize work-zone safety.
  • In order to combat the risk of work-zone intrusions, one of the main steps the team at Oldcastle took was partnering with a defense contractor who introduced technology to them that could identify incoming threats.
  • Oldcastle adapted that technology to identify and deter threats coming into its work zones. Calling it an advanced warning and risk evasion (AWARE) system, the team at Oldcastle tailored the technology to alert employees as well as the intruding motorists with an external warning that buys Oldcastle workers an extra five to 10 seconds of warning time that could mean the difference between life and death.
  • AWARE also has the ability to record an incident on video when a particular event triggers the system. 
  • The team at Oldcastle is currently in the final stages of development for the AWARE system, with 12-13 paving crews across the U.S. using the technology The plan is to have more of their crews use the system throughout 2017. 
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Alfredo "Freddie" Martinez, in Meadow Burke, Converse Texas was honored and awarded with a certificate of appreciation (among other things) for his 11 years, 400,000-mile, safe driving record. In 11 years, Freddie has driven safely without an accident, incident, injury, DOT violation, traffic infraction - not even a parking ticket. Freddie said: " Safety has to be my number 1 priority! I enjoy going home and spending quality time with my family. They're my everything, my reason for existence." Left to right: Carl Allen, Freddie Martinez, George Driver
Glass house ceiling
  • The Sculpture Gallery is part of Johnson's 49-acre estate in New Canaan, Connecticut, a National Trust Historic Site since 2007. Thousands of visitors per year flock there to see the Glass House itself, a tiny, transparent sensation unveiled by Johnson in 1949. 
  • The Glass House and the Painting Gallery needed attention, so the National Trust and the Glass House staff focused on those buildings first. The biggest issue, they found, would be replacing the glass roof. Hundreds of differently sized glass pieces would have to be custom made, and updating the skylight with today's energy-efficient double-pane glass while maintaining the look of the original would be difficult-and expensive.
  • Luckily, a solution presented itself in the form of Ted Hathaway, chief executive of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®. The company supplies custom-manufactured glass, skylights, and other products for buildings designed by high-profile architecture firms, and Hathaway wanted to help the Glass House.
  • He offered Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope's services in custom engineering and producing replacement glass for the skylight. We did this because we're part of the architectural community and we're committed to the preservation of design," Hathaway says. This contribution served as a catalyst for the $2 million restoration project, the largest one ever undertaken at the Glass House.
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