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February 2020 Newsletter
Happy Valentine's Day!
Show them you love them - with a Houseboat trip!

There is no better way to connect with your partner and loved ones than by spending some time together on the Lake!

In today's busy world, it is hard to put time aside to focus on your relationships with the ones you love.

Book a Houseboat Trip with Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals and reconnect in the wilderness!

We still have good availability throughout the summer and fall so don't delay -

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See you on the Lake!
The words above ring even truer when you take her fishing on a Houseboat!
It's been a winter of temperature swings!! We've had our fair share of lovely mild temperatures and we've had our fair share of bitterly cold, take your breath away temperatures, and not much in between! But that doesn't stop us from getting outside to play, as often as we can!

We've still got pretty good ice - over 18" covered with hard packed snow.
There is a little bit of slush, but not enough to stop us!
We've seen sleds, quads and trucks all out on the ice.

Fingers crossed we still have a couple of good months of ice fishing, sledding and running around the lake before the melt starts!
The world needs more tackle boxes and less X-boxes!
This could be you and your family!!

Houseboating is the perfect vacation for all ages!

Contact us today to book your Houseboat Adventure!


See you on the Lake!

We have been working on a few updates to our website. Stay tuned for a new look, more information on packages and extra rentals and more information available at your finger tips!

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You've booked your Houseboat trip. Now What?
Let us help you plan for your best vacation ever!

Here at Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals, we want to make sure you have everything you need while you are out on the Lake!

Our houseboats are equipped with MORE than any other in the area!
Our houseboats include MORE kitchen equipment, MORE safety equipment, MORE optional equipment and MORE bonus equipment!

Check out the full list of what we include with each houseboat rental here!

We also have some handy check lists to ensure you've got everything covered!

Click HERE for our Packing List

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Happy planning!

If you came to Morson via Baudette last year, you could see that a new bridge at the border was beginning construction. Progress appears to be going well and the bridge is still on track to open up this fall. Check out this article for some of the details and how two countries band together to make it happen!

Building bridges across international borders is complicated!

The process requires approvals from authorities in neighboring countries at all phases of design and construction. Then add the demands of shipping shale oil and other international commerce and the remoteness of the Baudette-Rainy River Bridge. It links Minnesota Highway 72 and Ontario Highway 11 and the towns of Baudette, Minn., and Rainy River, Ontario, near a popular year-round fishing area with a port and nearby railroad.

Taken together, that gives a good picture of the challenges faced by the team designing and building the $39.3-million, 1,350-ft-long, 48.2-ft-wide, five-span Baudette-Rainy River Bridge, set to be completed this fall.

Read more about this by ENRMidwest here!

Fun Facts:

The new bridge will require 3,660 cu yd of concrete, 1 million lb of stainless steel rebar, 2,022 tons of structural steel, 730 cu yd of concrete pavement and 792 linear ft of 90-in. to 96-in. drilled shaft foundation.

One final curiosity of the procurement process was determining the historical value of the existing bridge. Canada did not consider it historic, but it was deemed a rare example of Pennsylvania through-truss construction by the U.S. government. MnDOT, therefore, had to advertise it for sale before planning demolition. The catch: the potential purchaser would have to pay for taking the material away but would get only half the bridge.
There were no takers to buy half of a bridge...

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Did you know that a houseboat trip is an economical Canadian vacation?
Perfect for families, couples, guys getaways and more!

Our houseboat rentals are in CANADIAN DOLLARS! $1.00 USD = $1.25 + CAD.
Whether you are purchasing gas, bait, fishing licences or souvenirs... everything in
Canada is "ON SALE"

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February is the month we could finally take a deep breath and relax for a minute!
Terry and Crissy snuck away for a little R&R in Mexico for a week and came back relaxed and ready to tackle some big projects!

Carmen, Jake and Aaron continue to put in the hard work at school and are already looking forward to Spring Break next month. In the meantime, we play outside as much as we can! Last weekend we fished a winter derby and the kids had a blast!
We spend as much time on the Lake as we can - no matter the weather!
Crissy reeling em in!
Carmen caught dinner!
Terry & Aaron - double header!
Jake, Aaron and Carmen waiting for "the BIG one" to bite during the Birdy Major Memorial Fishing Derby! Not many bites on this day...
A little R&R in Mexico!

Happy Valentines Day!

February is all about love so we thought we would share with you our top 10 reasons we LOVE Lake of the Woods!

#10 The Fishing!

#9 - Watching the seasons change

#8 - Seeing a million stars, every night

#7 - The fresh, clean air

#6 - Seeing deer, bear, bald eagles and other wildlife everyday

#5 - The small, tight-knit community

#4 - Meeting new people every summer

#3 - The amazing sunrises

#2 - The spectacular sunsets

#1 - Seeing our guest's happy faces after a great houseboat trip!

What do you love about Lake of the Woods?

Book your trip today to make sure you don't miss out on all of the amazing things to love about LOTW!

See you on the Lake!

See you on the Lake!

The Gill's
Terry, Crissy, Jacob, Aaron, Carmen
Tony, Nolan, Keston, Hayden
Stewart & Yvonne
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