Happy Valentine's Day
We will be known as Christians by our love. That is what our Lord told his disciples just before his crucifixion. The modern hospital owes its origins to Judeo-Christian love and compassion. The Church still is the largest single provider of healthcare and education in the world, working especially in some of the poorest countries where there is no other care available. The late Dr.James Kennedy wrote:

the Church has made more changes on earth for the good than any other movement or force in history. To get an overview of some of the positive contributions Christianity has made through the centuries, here are a few  highlights:
* Hospitals, which essentially began during the Middle Ages.
* Universities, which also began during the Middle Ages. In addition, most of the world's greatest universities were started by Christians for Christian purposes.
* Literacy and education for the masses.
* Representative government, particularly as it has been seen in the American experiment.
* Civil liberties.
* The abolition of slavery, both in antiquity and in more modern times.
* Modem science.
* The elevation of women.
* Benevolence and charity; the good Samaritan ethic.
* Higher standards of justice.
* High regard for human life.
*  The eternal salvation of countless souls!"

Our love certainly continues to be an example of Christ in our lives. Love is a verb. Show it always through actions and speech. Sometimes it's hardest to forgive and show grace to other Christians. Missionaries and church leaders often struggle the hardest among those who they work with closely. Even christian marriages struggle to be an example of Christian love. At times, we act more like the world. Remember, Christ's command is that we "love one another" (John 13:34) and Paul adds, "we should do good to everyone-especially to those in the family of faith." (Gal 6:10 NLT).  

Keep the love growing. Forgive, Respect and Love. 

Jim Smith
Executive Director
Pacific Church Network 

Inspiring Annual Meeting
It was exciting to hear stories of people getting saved and baptized, churches being revitalized and new churches started through Pacific Church Network! Over 250 people attended our encouraging 2016 PCN Annual Meeting on a rainy, windy, January 31st evening at Redemption Hill Church in Whittier. Approximately 170 church leaders battled the blustery weather to attend our late afternoon workshops. Fifteen of our church planters gave quick updates about their churches. Four chaplains shared their stories along with CB America's Chaplaincy Director Andy Meverden. Pastor Robert Bishop closed our time together with a memorable talk on the importance of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches. Exciting things are happening through Pacific Church Network. 
Four New Church Plants
Pacific Church Network has a goal of planting four churches every year. Since this intentional focus on church planting began in 2012, PCN has planted 15 new churches! Our new "class of 2016" church planters were introduced at our Annual Meeting in Whittier: Israel Gomez from Branches Church in La Habra, Tim Gaydos from A Seattle Church in Seattle, Vince Larson from New City Church in San Diego and Mario Zamorano from Recovery House of Worship in Los Angeles! Pacific Church Network will support these churches for three years as they grow, and they will support PCN with 5 percent of their income as a promise to continue planting new churches in the future through PCN for the glory of God. Although all of our existing churches financially support PCN, we are encouraging our churches to prayerfully consider giving between 1 percent and 5 percent of their budgets to church planting.
PCN Acquires Bible Seminary of the Americas
At the Annual Meeting of Pacific Church Network, the member churches voted to acquire the Bible Seminary of the Americas as a vital part of PCN's ministry. Current President Rod Wilson was honored at the Annual Meeting along with his wife, Marilyn. Ellen Duren, whose husband James was one of the co-founders of the seminary in 1971, was also recognized. The seminary provides Spanish-speaking church leaders with solid biblical training at an affordable price. There are currently five semi nary learning centers in Southern California. PCN's Hispanic Ministries Director Emilio  Núñez  will oversee the school's operations.
Great Turnout in Long Beach
On Tuesday, January 12, we had 73 church leaders attend our free workshop to hear Christopher Yuan share the story of his journey into the drug culture and gay lifestyle, and how God touched his life and saved him while in prison. What an opportunity is was to not only hear him, but to listen to his mother and father share their side of the story and how they became Christians in the midst of their journey. This event was simultaneously translated into Spanish by Emilio Núñez to another room full of Spanish-speaking church leaders.  
PCN Trip to the Holy Land 
At our Annual Meeting, Pacific Church Network announced our first-ever trip to the Holy Land. The dates are December 1-10 and the price is only $3,728, which 
includes almost everything except your souvenirs! It includes the airfare from LAX, hotels, breakfast and supper each day, plus three lunches including St. Peter's Fish Lunch by the Sea of Galilee. It also covers all entrance fees to basic sites, an English-speaking Israeli tour guide, a personal headset system, a post departure travel protection plan and all other tour-related expenses, including tips and taxes! You don't have to worry about tipping the guide, bus driver, servers, or hotel employees. We hope you'll join us for this experience of a lifetime.  
Free Webinar Resource Call
Cornerstone Pastors Network has invited Pacific Church Network Member Churches to hear Mike Constantz, Pastor of PEACE at Saddleback Church. This free call will be on Thursday, February 18 at 9:00 am (Pacific Time). Mike served as a medical missionary in the Philippines and then as the Sri Lanka Country Director for Campus Crusade for Christ. Mike then served as the Int'l Community Director (the adult ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ). Since moving to Saddleback Church late in 2003, he has helped with the sending of over 26,000 Saddleback members to all 197 official countries of the world. Mike is married to Cathy and their daughter Tali is living in Sri Lanka.
Mike will be speaking about a four-step process to help engage your people in mission. Don't miss out on this unique experience with a leader who has a proven track record with a global perspective. 
Larry Maib Retires
On January 10, Pastor Larry Maib of First Baptist Church of Canoga Park retired after serving at FBC for the last 23 years! The church held a retirement party for Larry and Mickey in the churc h auditorium. Many expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the Maibs during the celebration:
 " Thank you for changing my life, you serve the Lord in the best possible way. God bless you and Mickey for being an example of a godly couple!" " Love you, Pastor Maib and Mickey! You helped me raise my girls, you'll always be in my prayers. Enjoy retirement."
We will miss Larry and appreciate all his support of Pacific Church Network over the years. Jon Barta has been hired as the interim pastor for the next six months while FBC searches for a new pastor.

Small Church Conference
On Monday, February 22 through Tuesday, February 23, Transformation Ministries has invited all Pacific Church Network churches that are less than 200 in attendance to join them for this two-day conference in Dana Point with speaker, D ennis Bickers. South Shores Church will host the event which is only $89, and includes all materials and one overnight at a hotel. (Spouses attend free!) *$189.00 per non-TM/PCN pastor. 
Another Free Workshop
Pacific Church Network is providing another great workshop absolutely free for all member churches on Monday, April 11 at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente. We are bringing in Dr. Larry Osborne to hold a Sticky Church workshop, where Larry will share his story of how his growing church worked hard to retain guests and how you also can become a "sticky church." He   makes the case that closing the back door of your church is even more important than opening the front door wider.

Bola and Ken Taylor with family
Packed Memorial Service
On January 6, WorldVenture missionary Bola Taylor's memorial/celebration service was held at the packed Fil-Am church in Long Beach. Bola and her husband Ken had served in Japan for years. Ken is the field leader for WorldVenture-Japan. Ken and Bola Taylor invited Christ into their lives at the height of their professional music careers. Bola was a jazz-pop singer, Ken a rising musical director/arranger. Before becoming Christians, both toured Southeast Asian night clubs and concert stages. Ken and Bola have been described as musicianaries as they used extremely creative ministries and relevant strategies in sharing the gospel to the Japanese people. At Bola's memorial in Japan, over 700, (mostly not yet Christian) attended. In Long Beach, Ken and their three children were present as well as several members of Bola's family. Dennis Ahern and other representatives of WorldVenture and churches from as far as Utah and Alaska were at the service. During the celebration, gospel singers, with Ken on the piano, turned Fil-Am church into a rocking, gospel choir! At the close of the service, Ken and the children were called forward and then all pastors were called forward to pray for the family, as Pastor Oscar Baldemor gave the benediction. Bola's body was buried in Japan which is an Asian way of saying, my heart is here...my body should be too.

One-Day Mission Trip Opportunity
If you are looking for an opportunity to help a mission in LA that is making a difference, think about contacting Hope Again. During our Annual Meeting, we highlighted the transformational work they are doing in the lives of those they touch. Each year hundreds of volunteers donate a few hours of their time at Hope Again. Volunteers come from churches, civic groups, and corporations. Many are individuals who simply feel a strong calling to help in any way they can. Hundreds of other individuals, groups, and organizations donate money, food, or life skills expertise (and in many cases, all three!) to help Hope Again meet the needs of the less fortunate. Contact them today.