2017 February Newsletter

Time Together 
But I have this against you, that you have left y our first love.  Therefore remember  from where you have fallen, and  repent and  do the  deeds you did at first;" Rev. 2:4-5 (NASB)

Time flies. It is fun to remember way back when. I remember my college years when I would take some extra time to walk down a certain hallway, just hoping I would see this great looking girl coming out of her classroom. Later, I would spend nights on the phone, just talking to that same girl. We would walk along the streets of Chicago, exploring the downtown sights and sounds and just taking time to be together. Time together was important back then... and it still is today. For marriages and for our relationship with God. God says we should remember what we did at first, and do it again. Spend time with the ones you love, you never know how long you have. Start doing the things you did so long ago. You'll appreciate the change for the better. Vicki and I will get a chance to go back to Moody Bible Institute where we met. This year's Founder's Week is also my 40th class reunion. I'll be one of those old guys I saw walking around 40 years ago.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network

PS.  Take some time and join us for our marriage enrichment date night on Feb. 25.
Inspirational Meeting
Almost 260 people packed Calvary Baptist Church for our 63rd Annual Meeting held in Huntington Beach. Four chaplains shared stories from around the globe, 17 new church planters since 2012 were introduced--including 4 new ones for 2017, news about our growing Spanish-language seminary was shared along with inspiring music, helpful seminars, an introduction of our new partnership with WorldVenture and news of another PCN trip to the Holy Land. Every pastor got a free shirt, book and discount for our Holy Land tour. It was a great evening of networking and fellowship.  
Holy Land Trip Announced
Since last year's trip was sold out so quickly, we again will take a group to 
Israel on an 11-day trip to the Holy Land. The cost is only $3,738, which includes almost everything: airfare, hotels, tips, entrance fees, all breakfast's, dinner's and most lunches. We have added another day to our trip to include seeing the northern sea of Galilee area. There is more information and you may sign up today at our website.
Show this Video
We realize that not everyone can make it to our Annual Meeting, especially those from our member church on the island of Guam. To inform your church of what we are doing, show this short video that we played at our meeting about Pacific Church Network. We also have a number of church planting videos on our webpage.
Fullerton's New Beginnings
What a great start. Over 140 packed into the new Branches Fullerton 
Church for their first service. Pacific Church Network was deeply involved in the search for a new pastor for Temple Baptist in Fullerton. Temple granted PCN the privilege to become their search team and also install a temporary Elder board during this transitional time. This was a good move for the church, and a serious boost for future growth is anticipated. PCN prayed about asking their recent church planter, Israel Gomez, who planted a church in La Habra, to consider becoming the new pastor, bringing his new church plant congregation with him. After much prayer, it happened! On Sunday, January 8, Temple Baptist and Branches Church Orange County joined as one church, Temple voting in all the new members! New members, new name, new music, new constitution, new outreach and effectiveness. Excitement and hope for the future was felt by many. This is a new beginning for a church to reach their community for Jesus. 
Our 2017 Church Planters
Pacific Church Network is committed to establishing and strengthening churches so they may influence their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. All PCN churches have supported our network so that since 2012, we have helped start 18 new churches.

H ere are our 4 new churches in 2017:

Mere Church - Rancho Cucamonga
Pastor Brett Visk
Located in the Inland Empire of Southern California, Mere is reaching the  3rd largest metropolitan area in California, and the 14th largest in the U.S.  They meet at  Coyote Canyon Elementary school.

The King's Cross Church - Rancho Santa  Margarita
Pastor Chris Poblete 
Chris grew up in south Orange County  and had an increased burden for the rapidly-growing community. While at school at Gateway Seminary, and after serving in many churches in the area, he was encouraged to start The King's Church.  

Branches Church - Fullerton
Pastor Israel Gomez
Israel planted a church last year in La Habra and many young families start attending. Temple Baptist in Fullerton was looking for a pastor; they had a strong history, good location and needed young families. PCN worked to bring these two  churches together. 

Goleta Valley Church - Goleta
Pastor Bobby Grossi
PCN offered to help replant this church with a young, energetic pastor from the Reno area. Bobby had a strong ministry at a growing church there, but was interested in getting back to the central coast where he grew up. The leadership at Goleta was extremely appreciative of PCN's help in the transition period with  pulpit supply, resources and their leadership in the search process.   
Great Date Night
Saturday, February 25
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
L aguna Beach, CA
Plan on attending this marriage enrichment workshop featuring Brian and Chandra Howard, and Jim and Vicki Smith as instructors.  
find out more 
Mustard Seed
Designed for pastors of TM and PCN churches of 200 attendees or less, 
the Mustard Seed conference invites you and your spouse to participate in 2 days of encouragement, training, inspiration and relaxed fellowship in beautiful Dana Point. Monday, February 27 at 1:00 pm through Tuesday, February 28 at 4 pm. Cost is only $89.  More information
Chaplaincy Worldwide
Pacific Church Network financially supports CB Chaplaincy which endorses 180 chaplains worldwide. At  our annual meeting, Chaplaincy Director Andy Meverden, a retired Army colonel, shared about the work these chaplains do. We also heard from four chaplains. By supporting PCN, you are supporting chaplains in the military, prisons, hospitals and more. find out more
Women's Outreach
On Saturday, January 28, our PCN church, Calvary Baptist Church in Bishop, CA, hosted their Eastern Sierra Women's Retreat which 
brought over 100 women from 16 local churches together for a time of encouragement and inspiration. Vicki Smith was the guest speaker and took the ladies through the entire book of Philippians. Calvary Baptist is one of the larger churches in Bishop.
A Culture of Generosity
Free Workshop 
Monday, March 3
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
G lendale, CA
Does your church understand the sound, biblical basis for engaging in joyful giving in support of a vision? Come hear how they can and will. 
find out more
Palm Springs Assessment
Pacific Church Network has been asked to find the next pastor for Palm Springs Baptist. PCN started an 
assessment which will help to effectively evaluate the needs of the church as they go through the search process. PCN also brought in Pastor Perry White to serve as the interim pastor. Perry (and his wife Sally) retired from serving as pastor in Independence for many years. Perry's first Sunday was January 29.   
Pastors' Wives Spa Day
Pacific Church Network is sponsoring a free day at the Glen Ivy Spa on Saturday, June 17 for Pastors' wives. We appreciate the value of a pastor's wife and want to offer this 
free day of rest and relaxation. We only have room for 15 ladies, so sign up soon.  For more information, contact Vicki Smith at: vicki@pacificchurchnetwork.com .
PCN Board Meets REDS
On Wednesday, January 25, our board chairman, Rick Koole, along with a few other board members and 
PCN staff members, met with the seven Regional Executive Directors (REDS) from across the country to share what we are doing here at PCN. It was a good time of interaction and discussion.
This Is Why We Are Here
A great story from our CB North Central Executive Director, Pat Phinney... "I arrived early by 1½ hours to John Wayne airport and when I was checking out the food options, I 
started talking to an employee of the "Farmer's Market." I sensed quickly that this young man of about 23 years old, was in distress and, at best, troubled. He said he would like to move away from LA and I asked why. Here is the best part and a direct cue from God, "I want to move away from this big city to find purpose and meaning in my life." I said, "Do you want to hear something amazing? You don't have to move away to find purpose and meaning in your life." I waited until his shift was over and then I shared Christ. He prayed to receive Him as Lord and Savior. I wanted you to enjoy the experience with me and pray for Alex . . . who now has new meaning in his life."  
Prayer & Donations Needed
On Saturday, December 3, Grace Utomo was hit by a car as she was walking across the crosswalk on Magnolia Avenue heading towards 
CBU. Grace is the daughter of Keith Crosby, a former PCN pastor and board member, and the wife of Ivan Utomo. Grace was taken to the ER and placed in ICU. Her injuries included a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain, a shattered left knee, fractured right knee, and fractured pelvis. This family needs our prayers as they go through a long road of recovery. If you'd like to help financially, visit  https://www.gofundme.com/graces-recovery-fund

Thanks for reading our newsletter.  If you got this far, congratulations.

At Sunday School,  they were learning how God created everything, including human beings. Johnny was especially intent when the teacher told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs.
Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and said, "Johnny, what is the matter?"

Johnny responded, "I have pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife."
A kindergarten teacher  was walking around observing her classroom of children while they were drawing pictures. As she got to one girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.

The girl replied, "I'm drawing God."

The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like."

Without looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, "They will in a minute."