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Congregational Leadership
March 5 
Assembly - Tampa, FL
March 9-10
FSA Board of Directors
March 16-22, Tampa, FL
FABS meeting, Reading, PA
March 27-28
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March 29, 30, 31 
Issue 7.04
   February 25, 2019   
 Feast of Agnes of Prague (March 2)  
As we celebrate this feast of Agnes of Prague we are filled with gratitude for this woman of faith and deep relationship.  
Agnes was a first cousin to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. It is also through Agnes' friendship and correspondence with Clare of Assisi that we are enriched with Clare's spirituality and words of guidance and wisdom.  Though we have no letters written from Agnes to Clare, one can only imagine the depth of inquiries and desire for guidance that provoked the insight and deep wisdom of Clare's four letters and inspiring words to Agnes.    
In the picture of Clare and Agnes the words, Anam Cara, shown in the Tau, refer to the Celtic teaching of spiritual friendship and of souls connecting and bonding. Anam Cara is the friend of one's soul, with whom one shares their innermost self and the desires of the heart.

Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee 
By: Judith Terrameo OSF
Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee Chair

   The Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee met at St. Clare's Convent in Tampa, FL February 22-24, 2019. The meeting began with a Friday morning mini-retreat led by Sr. Judith Terrameo, using a talk by Br. Bill Short OFM, entitled, "Hearing the Word, Doing the Word." Following the presentation, there was time for personal reflection and some deep sharing. This time of sharing was powerful and the movement of God's spirit very tangible in and through the whole group. This mini-retreat helped to feed and foster good conversation and sparked some very productive work within the group throughout the weekend.
   The committee reviewed its three-year plan to assure that we are on task with the goals we previously set forth. In regards to our goals, we remind you of the following that might be helpful:
  1. The Spirituality Resource section of the FSA website has been updated. Please check it out for additional resources: DVDs, videos, and audio presentations on St. Francis and St. Clare. We invite you to send resources that you are aware of so that this resource page can be continually updated. Contact Judith Terrameo at:
  2. The committee continues to write Franciscan-Clarian reflections for the e-newsletter. We hope that you found our weekly Advent reflections insightful. We will have weekly Lenten reflections using a quote from Pope Francis "Fast from-Feast for." These reflections will be sent every Monday morning via email. They will also be posted on the website and on Facebook.
  3. A new tab entitled the Consistent Ethic of Life will soon be added to the Spirituality section of the website. An article on various topics of ethics will be posted to this webpage on a quarterly basis in keeping with the dignity and reverence of all life. Francis and Clare did what was theirs to do, it is our hope that these articles will help us do what is ours to do today in regards to the dignity and respect for all life.
  4. COMING SOON! The committee has been working to make available a retreat by Sr. Briege O'Hare OSC on St. Clare of Assisi. The retreat was presented to the Franciscan Sisters of Stella Niagara in 2005. The talks, which are on CD/audio files, have been transcribed into Word documents with reflection questions. This seven-session retreat will be sent out once a month after Easter. The audio files and Word documents will be posted to a special page under the Spirituality tab. Spanish and Portuguese translations are still being developed. These will be sent out and posted to the website when they are completed. More information to come.
   During our meeting we had a Skype call with Sisters Maria, Elvira, and Alba Luz Mejia Solis in Bolivia. The committee felt that it is important to reach out and connect with Maria and Elvira and we will schedule a Skype call with them at each of our meetings. It was also decided that we will send our Franciscan-Clarian Committee minutes to them after each of our meetings.
   As a committee we are aware of some challenges before us:
  •  the use of social media especially in our outreach to youth and young adults;
  • the on-going use of educational webinars;
  • and ways to invite and encourage sisters, associates and partners in ministry to write and submit reflections on Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality and the ways it informs their lives and ministries.
   We invite you to respond to the following question: Francis and Clare walked in the footsteps of Christ. In what way am I doing this in my daily life? Send your response to Sr. Judith Terrameo at We will publish these via the e-newsletter and the website.
Sr. Anne Dougherty set to step down as President and CEO of the Franciscan Center of Tampa
   It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY and the Board of Directors of the Franciscan Center, Tampa announce that Sister Anne Dougherty , OSF, D. Min., will be retiring as President and CEO of the Franciscan Center effective March 1. 
   Sr. Anne has served the Tampa Bay community since the 1980s when she founded Francis House, a much-needed place providing services and support for people facing HIV and AIDS. Prior to her role at the Franciscan Center, Sr. Anne served as Administrator of Graduate Support at Academy Prep, a private, nonprofit school in Tampa. Presently, she is the Chaplain to the Tampa Police Department and the FBI, Tampa. She serves on the Tampa Bay Regional Critical Incident Team, from which Operation Restore was developed. In 2015 Sr. Anne developed the First Responders Post Trauma Training program, with the leadership and support of now retired Tampa Chief of Police, Jane Castor. Operation Restore has since served over 200 first responders throughout the Tampa Bay area. In 2014, the Tampa-Hillsborough County Human Rights Council awarded Sr. Anne with the Eddie Mitchell Memorial Award for her selfless time and efforts to help others and support the community.
   In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, Sr. Anne's commitment to the Center's mission can be commended by her interfaith retreat ministry to all. She will continue to support Franciscan Spirituality programming and the Post Trauma Training for First Responders at the Franciscan Center. We wish her well in her retirement!
Dwelling Place Chosen as Charity Partner

   The Church of St. Francis de Sales in New York City has selected the Dwelling Place as its Quarter 1 Charity Partner.
   Recently, the church tabulated its weekly costs of operation, and determined that any amount they receive in donations above $9,475 will be given to a charity organization. Parishioners selected the charity by online voting. The Dwelling Place of NY was chosen as the recipient for any additional funds the church receives between January 1 and April 1, 2019.
   For more information on the initiative at the Church of St. Francis de Sales, click here.

Cracking the Codes
   The St. Elizabeth Motherhouse community will host a viewing of Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Motherhouse community meeting room. Cracking the Codes, produced by the World Trust, challenges us to understand and talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity.
    World Trust Educational Services is a non-profit social justice organization that provides deep learning, tools and resources for people interested in tackling unconscious bias and systemic racial inequity in their workplace, community and in their lives. Through film and dialogue, World Trust ignites courage and expands capacity to create a world free from racism.
   The film contains three sections:
Section 1: Social Determinants: History, Identity, and Culture
Section 2: Internal Components: Bias, Privilege, Internalized Racism
Section 3: External Relationships: Interpersonal, Institutional, Structural
   The film features moving stories from 24 racial justice leaders including Amer Ahmed, Michael Benitez, Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, Joy DeGruy, Harley Eagle, Ericka Huggins, Yuko Kodama, Peggy McIntosh, Rinku Sen, Tillman Smith, and Tim Wise.
    The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshment will be served following the film. For more information on the World Trust and the Cracking the Codes film go to the website:

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