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 Monthly Newsletter         February 1,
           5 Sh'vat  
Tu b'Shevat Dinner 
Friday, February 10
6 p.m. @ the JHJC Center
Led by chazzan Judd Grossman and Josh Kleyman.
Potluck Tu b'Shevat inspired side dishes,
see details below.
Save the Date!
JHJC Community Passover Seder 
Tuesday, April 11
St. John's Hansen Hall
Party goers do the Hora with the Judd Grossman Band at the Matzah Ball. 
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February Events

Friday, Feb. 10 - Tu b'Shevat Dinner & Seder @ the JHJC Center
Sunday, Feb. 18 - February Sisterhood Gathering, "Al & the Gals" ski outing
Friday, Feb. 17- Challah Shabbat 
Upcoming: March 10 - Purim Shabbat & Party

Friday, Feb. 10, 6 p.m. 
Tu b'Shevat Dinner & Seder 
with Judd Grossman and Josh Kleyman.  Let's celebrate the "birthday of the trees" together. JHJC will provide a vegetarian main course and dessert. Please bring a side dish inspired by trees or fruits and nuts. Reservations required, please email HERE to reserve your spot. 

Saturday, Feb. 18, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
February Sisterhood Gathering: 
"Al & the Gals"
Join the JHJC sisterhood for a cross-country ski tour to Ditch Creek with Al Zuckerman. Meet at 10 a.m. at the Home Ranch Parking lot (across from Nikai, park on the north side of the lot). This trip is not for beginner skiers. We will ski on varied terrain for 6 miles. Bring plenty of layers, water, and lunch/snacks. Contact Andrea Mazer if you have questions regarding your ability level and the terrain.  RSVP to Andrea Mazer HERE  by February 15.  *Location is subject to change depending on weather.   

Friday, February 17, 6 p.m.
Challah Shabbat
with Josh Kleyman. Don't miss this annual JHJC tradition! Make and bake Shabbat challah with Josh. Enjoy a very brief Shabbat service then socialize while the bread bakes. Please bring a main dish or side dish to share. Wine/drinks, challah and dessert provided. At the home of Mike and Shawn Daus. Please email HERE for directions. Families encouraged to come! 

Looking Ahead:
Friday, March 10, 6 p.m. Purim Shabbat and Party!
Wyoming Legislative news                                    Wyoming has joined the fight against the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) campaign. On January 30, 2017, Delegate Nathan Winters introduced legislation for Wyoming (H.B. No. 0279) that would do two things:
  1. Prohibit Wyoming government from contracting with companies that boycott Israel as specified; and
  2. Enunciate an investment policy that would seek to avoid investing in companies that boycott Israel.
If voted into law, Wyoming would become the fifteenth state to have enacted anti-BDS legislation. The legislation had crucial active support from Senator Leland Christensen and was co-sponsored by six other Representatives and two other Senators. It is the result of the active involvement of many members of the Jackson community and greater Wyoming. The Bill will be considered by the House Travel, Recreation and Wildlife Committee on February 1, 2017. If you would like to read the bill see: HERE. If you have any questions and/or would like to join in this effort, please feel free to contact Clifford Sobin HERE, a member of the Jackson Hole Jewish Community.  
 Thank you to the following people and 
businesses that donated to the Matzah Ball Gala: 

Judd Grossman Entertainment 
Stephan Abrams and The Liquor Store
Laurie Thal 
Stan and Mary Seidler
Elliot and Frances Gerson
Andy and Elizabeth King
Mike Scher and Barbara Zelazo
Frances Tessler
Jessica Rutzick
Ron and Rose Novak
Steve and Kelly Zelikovitz
Sheryl and Jeffrey Flug
Lou and Margaret Hochheiser
Larry and Patty Chapman
Andy Salter 
Dr. Lisa Finkelstein
Dr. Brent Blue
Amy Aronowitz Baker
Shannon Troxler Thal 
Jared Power 
Trey Davis and Sweetwater Restauruant
Aaron Pruzan and Rendezvous River Sports
Ralph Mossman, Mary Mullaney and Heron Glass
Deborah Clemens and Transformative Fitness 215
Adrian Bernal and Targhee Village Golf
Mike Daus and Jackson Hole POP! Fine Artisan Popcorn
Hughes Productions 
Scenes From January 2017
Check out more of our photos and videos from all the cool events we do on our Facebook page "Jackson Hole Jews"

Mr. Gaga Film screening and
masterclass with Dancers' Workshop
Masterclass on stage with Dancers' Workshop's Fran Romo on stage before the film.

January Sisterhood: Detox and Retox
Yoga with Jenny Ross and Wine Tasting with Hailey Morton Levinson.

20th JHJC Matzah Ball Gala Dinner & Dance

Many Thanks

  • Cliff Sobin for giving
    a talk at the JHJC on his recent security tour of Israel.
  • Mike Scher and Barb Zelazo for helping with the Israel talk in January. 
  • Thank you  Laurie Thal for helping me plan and run the first Matzah Ball Gala Dinner and Dance. You're amazing!
  • Carrie Chernov and Janet Bellis
    for greeting and seating guests at the Matzah Ball. 
  • Larry Zuckerman, Larry, Shannon and Aviva Thal, Stephan Abrams, Laurie Thal and Dan Altwies 
    for helping clean up the Matzah Ball. 
  • Sheryl Flug 
    for helping plan the Matzah Ball.
  • Andrea Mazer, Jenny Ross and Hailey Morton Levinson
    for planning and presenting our January Sisterhood yoga and wine tasting. 
Get Well Soon
  • John Zendler could still use some healing thoughts.
  • Keep David
     in your thoughts.
  • Brahm Zwirsky is on the mend. 


  • To Carl Levenson for the loss of his beloved mother, Sylvia.

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2016-17  Board of Directors

Josh Kleyman, Co-president

Mike Scher, Co-president

Janet Bellis

Kevin Krasnow

Rachel Stam, Treasurer

Laurie Thal 

Steve Zelikovitz, 
Vice President

Mary Grossman, Exec. Dir.

For more than 40 years, the  Jackson Hole Jewish Community has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent, unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's oldest Jewish congregation,  no matter his or her level of Jewish observance.

The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.

5777 Membership to the JHJC 
For more than 40 years, the Jackson Hole Jewish Community has  welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a l ove for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent,  unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's  oldest Jewish congregation, no matter his or her level of  Jewish observance.

     The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.

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