I joined a small writer's group this past month and what a delight it is! From published authors, song writers, bloggers and those of us with a drawer of rejection slips, we all hope to encourage, celebrate and get published in 2017! I'll keep you posted.

Ellen's Events

February 11

Private Party - McConnelsville, Ohio

February 17

Hampton Inn - Cambridge, Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only 3 pm to 5 pm
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February 18

Cambridge Holistic & Psychic Fair
Southgate Hotel - Cambridge, Ohio
11 am to 5 pm
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March 4

Private Party - Roseville, Ohio

March 5

Holistic & Psychic Fair
Lafayette Hotel - Marietta, Ohio
11 am to 5 pm
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March 13

Ellen will be attending the 102nd Annual Meeting Dinner
Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce
Ellen is very excited that one of her favorite authors 
Larry Winget will be the keynote speaker!

March 11 & 12

Gift of Light Expo
Ohio Expo Center, Lausche Building
Columbus, Ohio
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March 24 & 25

Holiday Inn - Athens, Ohio
Psychic Readings by appointment only
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I am at a loss for words..

I want and should speak of Love and Gratitude, the two most powerful forces of the Universe. I want to speak of Compassion and Non-Judgement and Tolerance, but we all seem caught up and torn in beliefs so strong we are blinded by any others.

I don't want this to be a political statement, I would just like to suggest we all remember to be the eyes, heart and hands of whatever God you believe in.

In a story I read once, there were two identical rooms. One was labeled Hell and the other Heaven. In Hell the people were all seated at a long table ,bound to their chairs with only one hand free and a spoon too long to reach their mouth with a feast of food on the table. They were all starving. 
The room marked Heaven was the same, except the people were not hungry. They used their long spoon to feed their neighbor.
Let's make Kindness our February theme. With Kindness, perhaps we can all change the world.

It's my birthday this month!! A year of new beginnings....and cake!! Since I already have several people scheduled in the next two months, I will plan my birthday surprise for all of you in the spring.