February...a time to celebrate love! We all need human connection. A fter all, it's the most vital aspect of our existence. All of us strive to create and build healthy relationships, the problem is that we are never really actively taught the most fundamental human skill of all...how to love. Maybe - just maybe - SYFS can be a part of the answer. Through our partnership with The One Love Foundation, we are working to improve knowledge about healthy relationships and enhance the ability to bring healthy behaviors to our relationships with the people we love - not just romantic partners, but our friends and families too. We hope to help people become more mindful and intentional. The best relationships are the ones that bring out the best in us. Keep these characteristics of healthy relationships in mind:
Comfortable Pace - You and your partner allow the relationship to happen at a pace that feels right for both of you. No pressure to move the relationship
ahead, and no mixed feelings when you choose to!
Trust - Believing your partner won't do anything to hurt you or ruin the relationship. Your partner is comfortable when you do things without them,
has faith that you won't cheat on them, and respects your privacy online.
Honesty - Being truthful and open with your partner. It's really important to talk about what you both want without fearing your partner's response.
Independence - Having space and freedom in your relationship to do you! Your partner should support you having friends and a life outside your relationship.
Respect - If respect is present in your relationship, your partner will value your beliefs, opinions and who you are as a person.
Compassion -- Feeling a sense of care and concern from your partner and knowing that they will be there to support you, too. In a healthy relationship,
your partner will be kind to you and understand and be supportive when
you're going through a tough time.
Equality - You and your partner have the same say and put equal effort into the relationship. You both feel heard and comfortable in speaking up and
making decisions together.
Taking Responsibility - You and your partner are both responsible for your own actions and words. You both avoid putting blame on each other and own up
to your actions when you do something wrong.
Our intent is not to oversimplify the complexities of unhealthy and abusive relationships, rather, we are hoping you will think twice about the behaviors you see in your relationships and reach out to us if you need help.

Wishing you all healthy love,

Christine Mowry
Interim Executive Director
It's that time of year and SYFS is now accepting registrations for our fun and interactive positive youth development summer programs.

You Go, Girl! allows girls to discover who they are and the role they play in our world while learning to feel good about themselves and their fellow fierce females. Participants will focus on building self-esteem and leadership skills, creating healthy lifestyles and planning for their futures. Activities will include team building, expressive arts, yoga/meditation, dance, exploration of media, poetry, journaling , leadership challenges and inspirational guest speakers. Register here.
Summer Matters! - Disconnect to Connect Transitioning into Middle School and into the dramatic period of adolescence can be exciting and scary for both parents and kids! SYFS is offering four Friday workshops that will help students prepare for the changes and challenges ahead by focusing on the social emotional aspects of this transition. Participants will engage in conversations around expected fears and worries as well as develop tools for problem solving and conflict resolution. Topics to be covered will include managing emotions, communication skills, peer relations/healthy relationships and making healthy choices around subsstances and social media. Please contact Jennifer Trites at jtrites@syfs-ma.org or (508) 845-6932. ext 302
SYFS staff and interns enjoyed
celebrating our favorite week of the year during "Random Acts of Kindness Week" as we spread the love from Pricechopper to The Police Station!
SYFS proudly congratulates our newest facilitators of The One Love Foundation's anchor content, The Escalation Workshop. This workshop teaches high school juniors and seniors how to identify unhealthy relationships and safely navigate their way out of them. The facilitator training was attended by SYFS staff, interns, board members, and community partners.