Volume VIII, 2022

When I take leave

based on Norbert Krapf's poem Blood Song

commissioned by the Unitarian Universalist Bloomington Choir in honor of John and Julia Lawson

Live video from the premiere on January 21, 2024

Blood Song

by Norbert Krapf

When I take leave

of this physical world,

may my spirit find

its way back as song

that flows in your blood.

Let the bass lay

a solid foundation,

the drum kick

my lyric along,

and the lead guitar

drive the melody

that carries my vision

all the way back

to your heart,

so you may pump it

and pass it along

to those who follow.

Dear Friends

January in Indiana was freezing cold outside but full of heart-warming reunions and musical encounters. My commissioned choir composition based on Norbert Krapf's Blood song was premiered on January 21, the livestream video is linked above. A standing ovation weekend with the Both Sides of Joni show for the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic was capped by Jazz Girls Day at Noblesville High School with 70+ girls who performed in five combos and made us proud.

The growth of this initiative over the past five years has been astounding thanks to the support of teachers and parents, but most of all thanks to inspiring mentors. The first presentation of Jazz Girls Day in Indiana was led by my Sheroes band as part of our album release tour in 2018. Renowned New York musicians Jamie Baum, Leni Stern, Reut Regev, Rosa Avila, and Jennifer Vincent teamed up with local Sheroes and laid the groundwork for a powerful movement. Feedback from the participants over time documents clearly the joy, and most of all increased confidence inspired by these powerful role models.

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Sheroes with the release of our 4th album All In Good Time, produced by Lenny White, WE NEED YOUR HELP. In order to cover final production, design, and promotion costs, you can pre-order the album among other rewards through our current Kickstarter campaign. The campaign closes in three weeks and we have a very long way to go. It's an all or nothing campaign, which means that if we don't reach our goal by February 17 we will lose all contributions. Here is the link to the campaign, have a look and claim a special reward, just sharing the link with your networks is already great support. THANK YOU!


Special treat: this Saturday, January 27, 2pm CET, which is 8am EST, we will tape and livestream a Talking Jazz Live edition with special guest Peter Erskine. We'll chat about his incredibly prolific career, the Weather Report days, the Indiana and Joni Mitchell connection and much more and also play music together. This is the livestream link, free broadcast to anywhere in the world  https://www.jammusicstage.com/de/livestreams/talking-jazz:-peter-erskine-and-monika-herzig-mit-anschliessendem-qanda

The show will be aired on WETF and WICR Indiana later this year and become available on all podcast services as part of the Talking Jazz Series. Make sure to subscribe to Talking Jazz with Monika Herzig on your favorite podcast service for many other editions.

Here is a beautiful testimonial from our most recent Jazz Girls Day

My daughter plays flute and before yesterday, she was hesitant to do a solo and improvise… but because she did it and did it well, she now has more confidence to do it during jazz performances (or at least try)!!! It was such a positive experience, and so great to see all the girls stepping outside their comfort zone. Loved it! Thank you again for doing this!

All In Good Time Kickstarter

We're excited to release All In Good Time, our fourth Sheroes album sponsored by Chamber Music America and produced by Lenny White, with our core front line of award-winning NY flutist Jamie Baum and trombonist Reut Regev; Andy Williams alumna Rosa Avila on drums; one of Europe's bright stars, bassist Gina Schwarz from Vienna; and special guests Camille Thurman-Green on saxophone and Leni Stern on guitar.

However, the CMA funds only cover the costs for musicians, studio, video, and engineering/ mixing. In order to complete the project, we must finance mastering, photo shoot, cover design, manufacturing, and the PR and Radio Campaigns. Hence, we're offering the opportunity to support the creation of this new set of music with bonus rewards, which will help bring the project to the finish line and also make sure our listeners get personalized copies of the music and on request lessons, the complete Sheroes recording package, house concerts, or even an original musical composition! Have a look at the rewards and secure your favorite option. Thank you for any support you're able to provide, just sharing the campaign is already much appreciated.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 27, 8amEST/2pmCET - Talking Jazz Live with Peter Erskine, Gasometer B- Spielraum, Vienna or Livestream at https://www.jammusicstage.com/de/livestreams/talking-jazz:-peter-erskine-and-monika-herzig-mit-anschliessendem-qanda

Feb 8-10 Open Floor Presentation at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium – Danish National Academy of Music Odense (Denmark)

Saturday, March 9, Jazz Girls Day Vienna, Registrations Open Here

March 13/14 Presentation at Gendering Music Matter Conference, University of Copenhagen

Saturday, March 16, Jazz Girls Day Linz, Registrations Open Here

Friday, April 12, Sheroes Europe Edition @ Jazz Ahead Club Night Etage

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One of my favorite Talking Jazz Episodes with Shero Reut Regev, one of the musicians on the upcoming album.

And get to know another Shero: Jamie Baum - the very first Talking Jazz Episode!m

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